Caroline Munson to Michael McGlinchey

Caroline Munson to Michael McGlinchey


Michael and Caroline are the parents of Robert, married to Anna (Wulforst) who gave birth to John, Robert and Vera Caroline (Carrie) is also the mother of Rachel, Vera and Joseph

Munson Family Record

  • Connecticut

The 350th Anniversary of Thomas Munson coming to America was celebrated at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in August of 1987. Many members of the Munson family were benefactors for establishing Yale University.

There is a Thomas Munson Family Association which any Munson family member may join.

Information on the Munson family is available in The Munson Record: A Genealogical and Biographical Account of Captain Thomas Munson and His Descendants, by Myron A. Munson, M.A., 1895. There are now 5 volumes of this Munson family history and copies may be found in larger libraries across the country.

Thomas Munson (1612-1685) first appears in America in records of Hartford, Connecticut in 1637 as a member of the militia unit engaged in the Pequot Indian War. In 1639, he signed the Fundamental Agreement at New Haven where he established his permanent home. His life is well documented in The Munson Record Volume I and the Connecticut Colony records. The evidence is persuasive that the Thomas Munson who was recorded as being baptized in St. Nicholas Church in Rattlesden, County Suffolk, England on September 13, 1612 was the same man who later distinguished himself in the public affairs of colonial New Haven. The principal tie is the age listed on his gravestone.. aged 73 years, which links well with the baptismal record. The Church records document that the Thomas Munson of Rattlesden was the son of John and Elizabeth Munson. John was baptized 14 Oct 1571 and was buried 26 Nov 1650. Elizabeth was buried 3 Jan 1634/5. John was the son of Richard and Margery (Barnes) Munson. Richard was buried at Rattlesden on 3 Dec 1590, while Margery was buried there 7 Feb 1622/3. (The Munson Family of County Suffolk, England and New Haven Connecticut, Milton Rubincam, The American Genealogist, January 1941.)

Beginnings - Thomas Cooper of Springfield and Some Allied Families by Agnew Thompson Cooper and John Bradley Cooper, published 1987:

Thomas Munson was first recorded as in Hartford, Connecticut in 1637. He was one of sixty-three signers of the "Agreement", sergeant in the "Trayned Band" selectman in 1656, promoted to "Ensigne" in 1661, assigned "seat No. 29 of the shorte seats in the meetinghouse". He was a member of the Council of War which considered what action should be taken against the Dutch in America and he commanded troops around Saybrook, Connecticut in King Phillip's War. He was later commissioned to deal with the Indians.

I. Capt. Thomas Munson, the ancestor of all the Munsons in the United States, was born in 1612 and died in 1685. He came from England, and in 1637 was one of the forty-two men of Hartford, Connecticut, who served under Captain Mason in the Pequot Indian war. He was of New Haven, where he signed the Fundamental Agreement in 1639. He was lieutenant in 1664-76, served under Captain Treat in the King Phillip war; was captain in 1676 of the New Haven Militia. Captain Thomas was elected to the Plantation Court in 1662. He was foreman of the first grand jury empaneled in New Haven; also a member of the Supreme Court of Appeals. In 1666 he was elected deputy to the General Assembly, serving in this capacity for twenty-four sessions.

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