Sites in Milano and Pisa Italy

Sites in Milano and Pisa Italy - Stories


Castello Milano

  • Milano, Italy

As you get near the center of Milan you will usually run into the Castello Milano (Milan Castle).  It is difficult to avoid because the web of streets narrow down so much that you are forced to make a turn onto the larger street that encircles the Piazza Castello (Castle Plaza).  I actually recommend taking public transportation unless you are crazy enough (like me) to drive like an Italian.  For the history of this castle please visit:

Duomo Milano

  • Milano, Italy

A few block away from the Milan castle is the center of Milan, the Duomo (cathedral), and the shopping district.  The duomo is very impressive and is the largest gothic cathedral in the world.  For a price you can actually walk on the roof!  The stained glass windows are also amazing. Look at the size of the central pillars compared to the 2 people standing next to them!

Pisa Italy Cathedral and Tower

  • Pisa, Italy

These pictures were taken on a beautiful fall day in 2003. Pisa is a short drive from Firenze (Florence). On this day I drove from the Austrian border all the way to Pisa, stopping briefly in Bologna. I stayed the night in Firenze, saw a few sites, and headed back to Austria for a week of work. It was a long drive but well worth it.