Portrait of William by Gilbert Stuart

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William Lampson, Berkshire, Mass Militia Revolutionary War...


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Portrait of a Patriot--by Gilbert Stuart, painter of Presidents

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Portrait of William by Gilbert Stuart
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His portrait, along with his wife, Rachel Powell was painted by Gilbert Stuart and no information on how that came to be or how to check on further information on when Gilbert Stuart painted it and upon what occasion. Perhaps it was a wedding gift?
  • Unknown
  • abt 1780

William's and His Descendants' Journeys--Maps

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William Lampson's Migration US/Canada
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In his short life of 66 years, he travelled from his birthplace of Boston (or possibly Connecticut), to Berkshire County, Massachusetts, (possibly to Connecticut), to Addision County, Vermont, then Onondaga County, New York and finally, Summit County, Ohio.

His descendants via his 12 (11 surviving to adulthood) children, compass the entire world--moving across the prairies to Ohio, Illinois, Dakotas and also into Quebec, Canada and back to Sussex, England and branching out even farther from those focal points.

  • United States, Canada
  • 1761-Present

William's Service Record -- Berkshire Militia

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New England Revolutionary War Map 1775-1776
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16 Dec 1776--William enlisted as a private in Capt David Wheeler's Co, Col Benjamin Simond's detachment of Berkshire militia.

Capt Wheeler's affidavit in William's Account Journal, in Capt Wheeler's handwriting:

Let William have for Expenses when he went the ....by your request I do certify that William Lampson was with me in Bennington fight and I find his -------- pay note. David Wheler
January 26th 1815

25 Feb 1777 - Still a private on the Muster Roll of Capt David Wheeler's Company, dated at Lanesboro, they also went to Ticonderoga and served until 15 Mar 1777

30 Jun 1777 to 26 Jul 17777 -- enlisted in Col John Brown's (Col. John Brown had denouced Benedict Arnold as a traitor four years before Arnold was exposed). Regiment and under Lieut Caleb Goodrich of Berkshire Co in the Northern deparmtnet and in a list of 54 men who marched from Pittsifeld to Fort Ann. This was just after the news reached them that Burgoyne was advancing on Ticonderoga. At Fort Ann, they learned that the post was deserted; but if tradition is correct they took part in Colonel Long's sanguinary and almost successful fight. Militia from other Berkshire towns were almost certainly with this detachment as well as in that which, on receipt, July 8th, of the news of the fall of Ticonderoga, started to reinforce the army at Fort Edward.

14 Aug 1777 -- William marched from Lanesborough to Meloomscuyck on alarm with Capt. David Wheeler's Co.

16 Aug 1777-- Fought in the Battle of Bennington

6 Sep 1777 -- William served with a group of mounted men who marched from Pittsfield to Skeensborough Sept 6 under command of Capt. John Strong, and dismissed Oct 2, 1777--under Col John Brown's (Berkshire Co) Brigade; Every man was dismissed with a horse and a meal-bag)

1 Jul 1778 - As private under Capt Peter Porter's Co, as a detachment of Gen. Fellows' brigade of Berkshire, under Gen. Stark in the Northern dept, he served 4 months, doing duty under Gen. Stark at Albany by order of General Court; Discharged 31 Oct 1778. Another account lists his service from 10 Jul to 1 Dec 1778.

22 Oct 1779 -- William served as a private under Capt. Joseph Raymond's Co, of Col Israel Chapin's regiment. After one month of service, was discharged 21 Nov 1779 at Claverack to include 3 days travel home. The regiment was raised to reinforce the Continental Army for 3 months.




  • Massachusetts
  • 1776-1782

From Lanesborough to Boston and then to Vermont, 1790 Census

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1790 Census Boston Massachusetts
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1790 Census finds William in Boston, Massachusetts with 1 son, and 2 daughters. He is also lisetd in the 1790 New Haven, Vermont Census, but with one more male listed.  Historical records show that he did migrate to New Haven about 1790.
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1790

William's Account Journal 1813-1823 - Now annotated: dates, places, persons

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William Lampson Journal Inside Front Cover
55 images

This was a haphazard account journal he kept as he did fur trapping, trading on Vermont/NY/Canada border

I have started to annotate all of his journal entries--extracting names, dates, places to help others whose family names appear in this fur-trapping/trading journal of New York, Canada, Vermont areas in 1813-1820 time period.  I welcome any other annotations that anyone has which would help evaluate old handwriting.

  • Vermont, New York and Canada
  • 1823

William's Probate Records of 1827-1829

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Probate of William Lampson p 1
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Textual Transcript of Probate Images attached:


OHIO PROBATE INDEX TO 1850 (Ref Fiche #6051289): William Lampson E1828 ME (Medina County) c(case) 1/103: Estate -- he died in Norton twp, Medina County, Ohio--started 10 Oct 1827. Lists adminstrators, possessions;

p 184 .N. Curtis &* G. Palmer, Admrs. of Wm Lampson, dec'd

Be it remembered, that heretofor that is to say, at a special court of probate held at the Courthouse in Medina. on the tenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven, by and before Frederick Brown, Noah M. Brandon & John Freda, associate Judges of the said Court, then and there came Norman Curtis and George Palmer, and applied for Letters of Administration on the estate of William Lampson, late of Norton in said county deceased, which said application was granted by said county deceased, that said application was granted by said court--And the said Court order that said Administrators enter into bond in the sum of Two hundred and eighty dollars with Hiram C. Kingsbury & Cyrus Curtis as security--And the Court appoint Augustus Mills, Jamie Wanrer and Franklin E Palmer, appraisers of said Estate

And afterward to wit, on the same day and year aforesaid, Letters of administration were filed from the office of the Clerk of said court in these words and figures following that is to say:

The State of Ohio, Medina County:
Frederick Brown, Noah M. Brandon and John Freda, associate Judges of the Court of Common Pleas within and for the County of Medina in the name and by the authority of the State of Ohio, to all to whom these presents shall come, make known that Administration of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits which were of William Lampson, late of Norton in said County, deceased, is hereby granted to Norman Curtis and George Palmer, whose duty it shall be to have all and singular the said goods and chattels ----ced and appraised by Augustus Mills, Jamie Warner & Franklin E Palmer these goods, judicious householders of said County, under oath or affirmation and a true and perfect inventory of said appraisement, signed by said appraisers, and as a true and accurate statement of the debts which are due and owing to the estate of the said William Lampson, deceased so far as known to said administrators shall be then returned to Ct Clerk office of said County within three months from the date hereof. And we do hereby appoint the said Norman Curtis & George Palmer Administrators of all and singular the said goods, chattels, debts and credits and estate which was of the said William Lampson in his lifetime. In testimony whereof we have caused the seal of our said court to be hereto affixed.
Witness the Hon George Tod President of our said Court at Medina in said county the tenth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven

p. 185 -- Sept Term 1829
And afterwards, to wit, on the same 10th day of October, AD 1827, an order was found to said appraisers in these words and figures following that is to say:
To Miles Augustus Mills, Jamie Warner and Franklin E Palmer.
Greeting. You are hereby appointed and empowered to take an inventory of personal estate of William Lampson late of the township of Norton in said county, died sound, in said County of Medina, according to the present value thereof in the currency of the United States. Given under my hand and the seal of the Court of Common Pleas of said County, this 10th day of Oct A.D. 1827.
----Timothy Hudson, Clerk
Which said order was duly returned with the following certificate thereon enclosed, that is to say
"Personally before me appeared Augustus Mills, Jamie Warner, Franklin E Palmer and made solemn oath to appraise the goods and chattels of the estate of William Lampson, deceased according to the law and the best of their abilities. Sworn under my hands this 10th day of October 1827.
Hezekiah Ward, Justice of Peace
And afterwards that is to say, on the ninth day of January in the year of our Lord 1828 the said Administrator filed their certain Bond in these words and figures following, that is to say.
"Know all men by these presents that we Norman Curtis and George Palmer as principal and Hiram C Kingsbury & Cyrus Curtis as sureties all of the County of Medina in the State of Ohio are held and firmly bound unto the State of Ohio in the final sum of Two hundred & eighty dollars to the pay most of which sum will and truly to be made to the said State of Ohio, nor do bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, by these presents, Sealed with our seals and stated the 10th day of October in the year one thousand eight hundred and twnety seven. The conditon of the above Obligation is such, that of the above named Norman Curtis & George Palmer administrators of all and singular to the goods, chattels, rights and credits which were of William Lampson, late of Norton in the County of Medina aforesaid, deceased, shall well and faithfully perform all and singular the duties required of them by law as administrators as aforesaid, then this above bond shall be void, otherwise to be and remain in full form and notice in law.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in persons of Frederick Brown, =G. W. Willard
Norman Curtis
George Palmer
Cyrus Curtis


The State of Ohio, Medina County, Oct 1827
Then personally came the above named Norman Curtis and George Palmer and made solemn oath to discharge with fidelity the duties of administrator on the estate of William Lampson deceased according to law. BEfore me. T. Hudson, Clerk.
And also, on the same ninth day of January as aforesaid an inventory of the personal estate of the deceased and filed in the office of the Clerk of said court and is in these words and figures following, that is to say:

"An inventory of the personal property of the late William Lampson of Norton, Medina County, Ohio deceased. Taken in presence of an order of the Court of Common Pleas of said county of Medina, fixed the 10th day of oct 1827:

One pair of brown woollen pantaloons $2.70
One pair blue d 2.37
One blue suit 1.25
One wolleen coat .75
One pair boots 3.00
One pair of shoes 1.50
One silk handkerchief .25
One -------rd sash .75
One cotton handkerchief .12
Iron wedge .37
One ax .25
One ax 1.00
--------. 25
Six kitchen chairs 2.00
Tea kettle 2.00
Stew kettle with cover .75
Tin candlestick .12
Shaving tools .25
Tradel for a machine .25
Oil stove .25
One chest 2.00
One file
Two tobacco chissels 1.20
One canister 1.00
One ladel .12
Tin --- .68
Tea --- & two cups .08
two spoons
Four plates .18
Five knives /five forks .25
One Indian Blanket .50
One --------
One side table .25
Door lock .25
Potatoes 2.0
Pitchfork .50
Two pails .25
One pickle barrel .25
One half barrel .25
One meat tub .25
One meat tub .50
Oak stand .12
Shaving ---- .12
Grind stone .50
Vinegar keg .37
turkey bones Leg-- .72
One lantern .25
tobacco 4.00
Rug on the ground 2.35
Hay and oats 4.75
Yoke irons & bows 2.00
One pair of ---- 13.
Trought 5.00
Flan 1.00
Old cloth .37
---- pot 1.00
Coal ----- 10.00
Bees 1.00
golde ring 1.25
Leather 1.44
---cakes & shaving soap .37
Stove --- .12

TOTAL = $115.71

We certify the above to be a true inventory taken the 11th day of Oct 1827--Augustus Mills, Jamie Warner and Franklin Palmer
And afterwards, that is to say at a time of the Court of Common Pleas began and holds at the Courthouse in the town of Medina within and for the County of Medina, on Monday the second day of March in the year of our Lord 1829, by and before the Hon. Frederick Brown, George Tod, President of the third Circuit of the Courts of Common Pleas in said State (in which said Circuit the said county of Medina is included) and Frederick Brown, Noah M Bronson and John Freda associate Judges of the same Court when held within and for the said County of Medina, then and there came said administrators & filed in said Court the final settlement report in these words and figures following that is to say, N. Curtis & Geo Palmer, Adm of the Esate of W Lampson, Oct 11, 1827 To the amount of the Inventory returned $136.87
to the amt of sales of property mentioned above $141.37
March 16, 1829 To percentage on $141.27 at 6 percent $10.04

March 3, 1829 payments to A Mills total $107.47
Which said Report was ------ed by the said Court and ordered to be placed upon filefor Exceptions And it appearing at the next September term of said Court that no exceptions had been filed, it is considered a final settlement of said Estate.

  • Medina, Medina, Ohio
  • 10 Oct 1827

Burial and Memorial of William Lampson, REV War Vet

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William Lampson Grave
3 images
Wililam died in Norton, Summit, Ohio--probably at the home of his daughter Elizabeth Lampson Curtis (Mrs. Norman) and was buried at Western Star Cemtery.  A DAR Memorial plaque includes his name.
  • Western Star, Summit, Ohio
  • 27 Sep 1827

One Final Memorial--a Book about William and His Descendants

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Book Descendants of William Lampson and Rachel Powell Pub 2003
After decades of research and gathering material, documents, photographs and stories, a book of William's life, family and descendants was published privately in 2003, with a 2nd edition in 2004.  A third edition is in the works, as new lines of descent have been discovered and also DNA analysis of William's Y-DNA is now being processed.  So, in a couple of years, a new edition will be available.  First edition is sold out, but is at some East Coast libraries and at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • United States
  • 2003

One Remaining Relic -- old Clock in Vermont

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Lampson Clock in Sheldon Museum, Vermont
This old Clock, built by Nicholas Goddard in 1797n in Rutland, Vermont was one of William's possessions in New Haven Mills, Vermont, where William lived from 1790 to about 1817.
  • Vermont
  • 1797

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