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Virginia Gazette (Parks), Williamsburg, Virginia & Pennsylvania Gazette

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Runaway Slave Thomas Rennolds

    Virginia Gazette (Parks), Williamsburg,, From Friday, September 17, to Friday, September 24, 1736.

    RAN away, on Saturday the 14th of August last, from the Subscriber's Plantation, in Middlesex County, a Convict Servant Man, named Thomas Rennolds, by Trade a Shoe-maker; he is of a small Stature, Smooth-fac'd, and about Twenty Years of Age. He took with him, several Shoe makers Tools, Canvas Wastcoats and Breeches, and wore a Brown Duroy Coat, lin'd with Blue Shalloon, one Black, and one White Wigg, and, 'tis suppos'd, he also took with him a small Bay Horse, branded with a Horse-shoe, on the near Buttock, and has a White Feather, growing on his Mane, near his Withers; an old Hunting Saddle, with a Red Housing, and a Pair of Leather or Canvas Bags. Whoever secures the said Servant, and Horse, or gives Notice of them, so that they may be had again, shall have a Pistole Reward, besides what the Law allows. Anne Smith.

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