Searching for William Anderson

Searching for William Anderson


This is an ongoing research log into the family origins of an ancestral Revolutionary War veteran. The intent is to share the research in hopes that others will learn from and contribute to its success.

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Davidson Co.Tn. Estate settlement document Apr.1850

Image 1 is a digitally stitched copy of a photocopy of a microfilm of the settlement of William Anderson's estate filed in Davidson County TN.,dated April 1850, recorded August 11, 1851 (Book 15 - 1851-1853, microfilm # 432, held by the TN State Library and Archives.)

William Anderson was the father of 2 known children, Hiram King Anderson who settled in Madison Co. TN and James Anderson who settled in Perry Co., TN. William Anderson migrated from South Carolina to Tennessee ca 1800, after serving in the Revolutionary War. According to what is thought to be his pension application (images:Anderson Wm pension pgs.1&2. Photocopy of original sent by a cousin, original in pension files) he enlisted at Prince Edward Courthouse in VA in 1778 and fought in the battles of King's Mountain, Cowpens and Eutaw Springs. he was discharged at Winchester in 1783. He served under Capts. Crabtree, McDowell, Sevier and Cols. Morgan and John Thomas. Anderson filed for a pension May 6, 1839 from Davidson County, TN.

I have proof in the form of a letter ( image: Letter.1) that William Anderson whose estate sale occurred in 1850 and whose estate was settled in 1852, was the father of Hiram Anderson. The records of the 1852 estate settlement have not been found in the TN State Library and Archives.

There is much circumstantial evidence that the pension application refers to this same William Anderson but proof has not been found. In the future I will post some of the circumstantial evidence.

If proof can be found that ties the William Anderson whose estate sale records were filed in 1850 and finalized in 1852 to the William Anderson who filed the pension application in 1839 as one and the same man it will help me in locating where in VA he may have been from. Any theories or assists welcomed.

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