05 Nov 1899 1
Apr 1975 1

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Full Name:
Samuel Lape 1
05 Nov 1899 1
Apr 1975 1
Last Residence: Jefferson, NY 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: New York 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0959 1

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Samuel J. Lape

Summit, NY

Samuel J and Edith Ward Lape

Samuel J. Lape, born November 05, 1899, the son of Samuel Terpenning Lape  and Esther May Multer. Samuel J. Lape was a farmer, banker, insurance agent, and a conservationist. He dismantled the Lutheran Church, Lutheranville, in 1940. He served on the Schoharie County Draft Board, 1940-1944, and as a Deputy Sheriff, 1940-1944, under Sheriff Schelmendine. He was a Republican. Samuel moved to Summit, NY, due to the availability of electricity. He drove a motorcycle with a sidecar, 1920-1921. His first automobile was a Ford Model T, 1925-1926. He drove a Chevrolet 4-door sedan, 1926-1936. Samuel grew Green Mountain potatoes 1932-1945, made a profit in 1936, selling them at $0.40 per bushel, enabling the purchase a 1936 Ford V-8. His first tractor and cultivator was purchased in 1940. He married the local schoolteacher, Phoebe Edith Ward, a descendant of General Artemus Ward, first Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary forces, on August 04, 1921. Samuel T. Lape employed her about 1918, to teach at the Lutheranville Schoolhouse. She taught for six years after attending the Oneonta, NY, Normal School, taught the three "R's" at the Lutheranville Schoolhouse, 1919-1921 and 1929-1930. Samuel and Edith had two children, including Samuel Ward Lape, born September 16, 1922. Samuel J. Lape sold the Valley View farm in 1960. He moved to Jefferson, Schoharie, NY, in 1972 and died from heart failure in 1975. Edith Ward Lape died from heart failure one year before her husband. Both are buried in the Charlotteville, NY, cemetery.

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