Gorrell's History

Gorrell's History


A History of the American Expeditionary Forces Air Service, 1917-1919


    World War I was the first war in which air power was a strategic force. Recognizing its significance, Maj. Gen. Mason Patrick, Chief of the Air Service, instructed Col. Edgar S. Gorrell, Assistant Chief of Staff of the Air Service, to gather all information that would "assist in establishing Army aeronautics on a sound basis for the future." In May 1918, the historic project was launched. Explore the results in this publication of 282 bound volumes of historical narratives, reports, photographs, and other records that document administrative, technical, and tactical activities of the Air Service in the American Expeditionary Forces.

    Read the descriptive pamphlet for Gorrell's History of the American Expeditionary Forces Air Service, 1917-1919, Publication M990, provided by the National Archives, to learn the story behind the project and a full list of its contents.

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