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Aloha Eddie Banuelos

    Eddie was my friend from San Jose. We were roommates for about a year in Sunnyvale, California, He worked as a hair stylist in Palo Alto, California. Eddie worked out at the gym and had a gorgeous body. The picture that I posted was from a Perry Ellis ad in GQ magazine, 1987. Eddie told me that he had done some modeling and gave me a copy of the magazine. I wish had some other pictures of Eddie.  He came to visit me in Hawaii and stayed with us in Honolulu. He came with a friend, a massage therapist named Linda Nelson. We enjoyed their visit. I was saddened to learn of Eddie's passing. I knew he had been working at a beauty salon in Laguna Beach and that is where he spent his last days. I remember Eddie's grandparents, they lived in South San Jose but moved away. It has been over twenty years now and I just wanted to say that Eddie is still loved and remembered. I wish he was here with us today. Aloha Eddie...

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