Minneapolis, UFO's, & Project Blue Book

Minneapolis, UFO's, & Project Blue Book - Stories


The First Project Blue Book Record of a UFO Sighting

  • Elmendorf Airforce Base, Alaska

The first sighting recorded in Project Blue Book took place at Elmendorf Airforce Base in Alaska. An airman saw a round reddish object in the sky that periodically spouted jets of gas. The report concluded that the object was an aircraft.

Five Photos of a UFO

  • Minneapolis, MN

This document shows a series of five photos taken of an unidentified flying object somewhere over Minneapolis.

Miliary & Civilian Eye Witnesses

  • Minneapolis, MN

This UFO was seen by a civilian and two air force officers. The Blue Book report determined that it was a refraction of the star Sirius. Check out the whole report. It makes for interesting reading. What do you think it was?