Craft Family

Craft Family


Orginally from England, my ancestors emigrated to Alabama, and other locations along the eastern seaboard. Records are few and far between and any help is appreciated.

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Craft Family

  • Alabama/Florida

Looking for ancestors, parents, siblings spouses and or children of James Thomas Craft, born 25 Jun 1859, died: 7 May 1919, son of John M. Craft and Nancy Wren Lewis, married at least 3 times, to Marth J Merriweather, MattieBelle Sherrod and Edie Catherine Whittle, having two children by each wife, the bulk of which settled along the Alabama/Florida State Line near jay and/or Santa Rosa Florida. I have searched for details beyond his parents but to little avail. The mother, Lewis I found some moreinformtion but not too much.

I've tried but anyonewith any additional information is welcome to contact me via this website.


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