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Civil War Battles and Skirmishes~Involving Black Soldiers

    There were many battles in which black soldiers participated in Arkansas as well as nearby Indian Territory, as well as neighboring states.  Some of the Arkansas confrontations involved black soldiers who were native to Arkansas, and in regiments that were organized in Arkansas. However in addition, there were also regiments organized outside of Arkansas that also participated in battles within the state.  These regiments were also Black regiments, and a list of the battles in which black soldiers participated follow below. The first list represents Arkansas based regiments, and the battles in which they were engaged. The second list represents regiments from outside of Arkansas, that were made up of black soldiers.  The third list represents battles in which Arkansas based soldiers were engaged outside of the state.

    Battles Fought by Arkansas USCTs

    Arkansas River - 54th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Boggs Mills 11th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Camden Arkansas 57th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Ft. Smith U.S. Colored Infantry

    Indian Bay, Arkansas 56th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Little Rock, Arkansas 57th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Mifflleton Lodge 56th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Saline River - 54th Infantry

    Battles Fought in Arkansas  by USCTs From Other States

    Bayou Bluff, Arkansas, 91st U.S. Colored Infantry

    Big Creek Arkansas, 2nd U.S. Colored Light Artillery,

    Big Creek Arkansas, Battery E, & 60th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Boggs Mills

    Clarksville, Arkansas

    Ft. Smith, Arkansas

    Ft. Smith, Arkansas

    Helena Arkansas

    Horse Head Creek Arkansas

    Indian Bay Arkansas

    Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas

    Joy's Ford, Arkansas

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    "Lotus" Steamer, Arkansas

    Miffleton, Lodge, Arkansas

    Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    Prarie D'Ann Arkansas

    Rector's Farm, Arkansas

    Roseville Creek, Arkansas

    Ross' Landing, Arkansas

    Saline River, Arkansas

    Saline River, Arkansas

    Sallace's Ferry, Arkansas

    Battles of Arkansas USCT's Fought Outside Arkansas

    Cabin Creek, Cherokee Nation, 54th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Cow Creek, Cherokee Nation 54th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Ft. Gibson 54th U.S. Colored Infantry

    Mount Plantation, Louisiana 46th U.S. Colored Infantry

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