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Nicholas Noyes


1634 - sailed on the Mary and John to New England

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John Noyes

  • Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

<a name="I37289"></a>Noyes, Samuel (1691 - 1729) - male b. 5 FEB 1690/91 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 6 NOV 1729 in Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts

father: Noyes, John (1646 - 1692)
mother: Poore, Mary E. (1651 - >1716) Removed to Abington, Mass., with his brother Nicholas in 1712. Although the youngest of the six sons of John, he was the progenitor of more descendants of the name than all the others together; his third son, John, had eight sons and seventy-five grand children, of whom thirty-three were sons who had families. He was elected selectman in 1719 and was town clerk in 1726.

Samuel was from Newbury. He removed to Abington, Mass., with his oldest brother Nicholas in 1712. Samuel and Nicholas lived near each other in the (present) town of West Abington. Nicholas died in 1718. Samuel was elected selectman in 1719 and was town clerk in 1726. He was always referred to as a blacksmith on town deeds. Samuel owned four major tracts of land along the Abington - Bridgewater border. The first tract, the homestead lot, was bought in 2 pieces. The first half (40 acres) was bought from William Reed for £40. The second half (35 acres) was bought on 1 Aug 1726 from the same William Reed for £35. This land in Abington was on the Bridgewater-Weymouth road east of Stream's Swamp in the "Young Mens Shares". Wife Hannah and son Samuel inherited this lot. The second tract, the 50 acre lot, was also bought in 2 pieces. The first half (22.5 acres) was bought on 22 Apr 1720 from Micah Pratt for £40. The second half (30 acres) was bought on 19 Jan 1725-6 from Jacob Reed (Hannah's future husband) for £30. These lots, 66% of lots 23 and 24, strattled the Abington - Bridgewater border, were in the "Old Mens Shares" and were east of Stream's Swamp. This tract was inherited by daughter Abigail and Hannah's unborn child. The third tract, the 100 acre lot, was bought on 20 Sep 1723 from Thomas Snell. This lot was on the same border at the easterly end of lots 16, 17 and 18 in the "Old Mens Shares". The lot was divided between sons John and Daniel on Samuel's death. The fourth tract, the 70 acre sawmill lot, was bought in two pieces. The first half (40 acres) was bought on 19 Oct 1724 from Luke Perkins for £30. The second half (40 acres) was bought from brother Nicholas' wife Sarah (now wife of Nicholas Porter) on 26 Jan 1726-7 for £55. These lots were on the Abington-Bridgewater border in the 4th division of lands. Samuel owned (1 Feb 1722) part interest in a forge (Packard's), a dam, a building, timber and 50% interest in the sawmill on Beaver Brook on this lot. Son Samuel was willed 33% of this land and his interest in the sawmill while son Jacob received 66% of the land. Samuel also received cousin Sarah's (wife of John Badger of Norwich CT) portion of her father Nicholas' undivided estate on 6 Oct 1724 for £30. He owned iron mines in Stoughton and 12% of an iron forge in Bridgewater (Packard's Mill). The iron was probably used in his forge and blacksmith business. Samuel died young at the age of 37, bodily indigent but of perfect mind. [Plymouth Co., MA deeds, FHLC #0558817, v. 14, p. 56-7; #0558818, v. 16, p. 57; #0558818, v. 17, p. 136-7; #0558819, v. 18, p. 183-4; #0558821, v. 19, p. 15-7, p. 141-3, p. 137-8; #0558821, v. 23, p. 16-9]

spouse: Poore, Hannah (1692 - )
- m. 1 DEC 1714 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
----------child: Noyes, Samuel (1715 - )
----------child: Noyes, Daniel (1716 - 1780)
----------child: Noyes, Mary (1718 - )
----------child: Noyes, John (1720 - 1770)
----------child: Noyes, Benjamin (1721 - 1748)
----------child: Noyes, Abigail (1723 - )
----------child: Noyes, Jacob (1726 - 1814)
----------child: Noyes, Ebenezer (1729 - 1810)

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