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Thomas Jefferson (America's third president) and John Adams (our second president) both died on the same day - 4 July 1826. Jefferson, though the younger by 7 or 8 years, died first and Adams, not knowing that Jefferson had already died, did not know that he had outlived him. They had had an ongoing rivalry since before 1776, when both men worked on the Declaration of Independence. Both of them, once again friends though ill and elderly, had held on until the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration.

James Monroe, our 5th president, died on 4 July 1831.

Zachary Taylor, our 12th president, became fatally ill on 4 July1850 and died five days later.

Calvin Coolidge, the nation's 30th president, was born on 4 July 1872.

Also on 4 July (1863), the battle of Vicksburg, MS, occurred with Mississippi surrendering to U. S. Grant

On 4 July 1891, Vice President Hannibal Hamlin died. He was born in 1809.

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