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Slaves at Arundel Plantation, Georgetown, SC, 1859, in...


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Slaves at the Arundel Plantation of Frederick Shaffer, Georgetown, SC, 1859, in Family Groups

This page honors 106 enslaved ancestors listed at Arundel Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina, in July of 1859. The list preserves the names of 25 family groups. The family groups are:


Prince, Leah, Maria, Phoebe (under 11) Adam (") Catherine (") Henry (under 11)

Peter, Hagar, William (" ")

Provy, Charley, John

Pompey, Sally, Henry ("), Frederick ("), Sukey (")

Joe, Dinah, Hagar

Lady, Mariah, Davy ("), Amos (")

Adam, Hagar, Friday, Grace, Edward ("), Friday (") 

Phyllis, Caesar, Stephen, Sairey, Eve (under 11), Phyllis (")

Hannah, Nelly, Infant (")

Morris, Rosey

Codlin, Sue ("), Tom (")

Ben, Bella

Billy, Joan, Billy ("), Toney (")

Charles, Rinah, Flora, Binah

Ben, Mary, Nancy, Beck, Ben (")

Lucy, Nanny

Carolina, Lucy, Sam, Titus, Virgil, Hannah, Katy (")

Philander, Willoughby, Dinah

Nancy, Nanny, Caesar, Bob (under 11), Johny (")

Dinah, Milly, Tyrah ("), Sairy ("), Mary (")

Sue, Peggy, Billy ("), Binah ("), Sarah (")

Stephen, Vilot, Katy, Venus

Jack, Lucy, Isaac, Marcus (")

Harry, Juno, Nero ("), Adam ("), April (")

Jim, Chloe, Phoebe, Peter ("), Frank (")

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  • Arundel Plantation, Georgetown, SC
  • 14 Jul 1859

Freedmen's Labor Contract, Arundel Plantation, 1865

On Junee 22, 1865, C. and J.P. Alston entered into a Freedmen's Labor Contract with the following Freedmen:


C. & J.P. Alston with Freedpeople


June 22, 1865


Georgetown County

South Carolina

Springfield & Arundel Plantations

Pee Dee River


Charles Great
Polly Ferguson
Jack Gibson
Hardtimes Ryall
Lazzareth Parker
Rose Green
Cinder Leasne
Peter Brown
Tyke McCant
Tony Ward
Maria Scrivener
Will Sindab
Nicholas Herriott
Dandy Gregg
Stepney Singleton
George Small
Handy Small
York Prikle
Will Saxby
Peter Legaw
Ned Mazyck
Claire Wax
Aaron Morron
David Snidab
Peter Small
Adam Chisolm
Dinna Caswell
Katy Green
Prince Small
Footy Small
Bess Gibson
Moses Dickson
Frank Green
John Wright
Sandy Saxby
Lavinia Gibbs
Harriet Great
Sally Mitchell


Records of the Field Offices for the State of South Carolina, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1872. NARA Record Group 105, M1910, Reel 76, Target 5.

  • Arundel and Springfield Plantations, Georgetown, SC
  • 22 Jun 1865

History of Arundel Plantation

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Slave cabin at Arundel Plantation, Georgetown County, SC. Historic American Buildings Survey, The Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States Federal Government under Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code.

Arundel Plantation was located on the Pee Dee River in Georgetown County, South Carolina. The earliest known date of Arundel's existence is 1717. The primary crop was rice.

The property was placed under a conservation easement in 2005 by Georgetown County [1].

You can read more about the history of Arundel Plantation and view more images online at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History website: National Register Properties in South Carolina.


  • Georgetown, SC

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This remarkable collection contains the name of every slave ever listed in a surviving estate inventory for Charleston, SC from colonial times to Emancipation. Many of the post-Civil War inventories list the names of former slaves as well. You can volunteer to help index this FREE collection, to make the records searchable.

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