Conflict Period:
Vietnam War 1
Army 1
Corporal 1
28 Jan 1949 1
28 Mar 1969 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
George Edward Browning 1
28 Jan 1949 1
Male 1
28 Mar 1969 1
Cause: Multiple Fragmentation Wounds 1
Age at Death: 20 1
Body Recovered: Recovered 1
Casualty Date: 28 Mar 1969 1
Casualty Type: Hostile, Died 1
Hometown: Harts, WV 1
Marital Status: Single 1

Vietnam War 1

Army 1
Corporal 1
3rd Sqrd 1
Trp A 1
Enlistment Type:
Selective Service 1
+ E3 1
Major Command:
25th Inf Div 1
4th Cavalry 1
Army 1
Light Weapons Infantry (ARMY) 1
Tour Start Date:
17 Jan 1969 1
Years Served:
0 1
Protestant - No Denominational Preference 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1
Memorial Wall Location:
Line: 66 1
Panel: 28W 1

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My uncle George

Harts Wva.

I can't remember that much about my uncle , but I do remember that he loved me and took care of me as a baby. He played with me , he would bath me and change my clothes when I got dirty , when he changed my clothes he would change my shoes to match , everything had to match. When he got killed , I remember them Army men coming across our bridge and my maw started screaming and crying , she knew what they were coming to tell her . That her son had gotton killed. I remember seeing him laying in his casget with a glass peace over him , I ask why is that there, I was told , so that he won't melt , they had to fix him with wax. He had 9 brothers and sisters and his mommy adopted me so that make him my brother .

I wonder what my life would be like if he didn't die . Because I know that he loved me .

Vietnam Wall Panel coords 28W 066

The uncle I never got to meet.
My uncle's name was George Edward Browning and I wish things could have been different so I could have met him. My dad and other family members have told me what a good young man he was. Now I am 31 years old and I am trying to find out as much about him as I can. My uncle the war hero. To have pictures of him would be great but that I don't have and real memories I will never have but knowing what he done makes me proud.

Thank you
Nena (Browning) Clere his niece
If anyone knew him and wants to share memories write me, I would really like that. Thank you.
Mike McDole
Served with Browny in Viet Nam
33 Brushwood Ct.
The Woodlands, TX 77380 USA
I served with Browny in Viet Nam during 1969. We were on the same personnel carrier and the only reason I wasn't killed the same day he and Mike Poggi were is that I had been injured about 10 days earlier, and was recovering at Cu Chi the day they were hit. For 31 years I have felt guilty that Browny was killed and I was spared because, the day he was killed he was using my machine gun, which was on the right hand side of the track. It was only a couple of months ago that Delores, my wife of 32 years, stated that "even if Browny had been on his own machine gun on the left side of the track he would have still been killed". If I had been with them on that day there would have been three of us lose our lives instead of two. All those years of thinking about the incident and I had never considered that. I know she is right and it has made the whole experience a little easier to cope with now. It seems so unfair that most of us returned to our families while many of our brothers paid the ultimate price by giving their lives. I didn't know Browny very long but, I thought he was a very brave soldier and I am honored to have served with him. My wife Delores and I will be riding our motorcycle from Texas to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day, 2000. We will be participating in Rolling Thunder and paying our respect to Browny, Mike and many other brothers at The Wall. Please feel free to contact me at
Sunday, April 30, 2000

Tara (Browning) Simpkins (Photo Credits)
Chapmanville, WV
A Fallen Hero
I wanted to let the world know that I am very proud of my uncle George. He was a very brave man and I admire him for that. I have come in contact with someone who served with him(you know who you are!) and they have touched the heart of my whole family. I will never forget the price my uncle and many others gave so that we could have the freedoms we have today. All of you , not only my uncle are heros. I just want to say THANK YOU to all of our soldiers.
Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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