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Kiwanis in Jeffersonville, Indiana

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Several decades have passed since the previous Kiwanis Club of Jeffersonville, Indiana was in existence.  The newest club was organized on April 27, 2010.  This web page will track the activities of the current club and as we locate information about previous Jeffersonville, Indiana Kiwanis activities we will add to the history of the club in this city.

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • April 27, 2010

Kiwanis Charter Dinner Night: June 14, 2010

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Alan Applegate, center, receives his membership pin from President John Seebold as Ben Sapp, President Elect (far left), and Mariane Fisher (Lt. Governor for the Scenic Hills Division) and other members look on.
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Charter Dinner night was June 14, 2010.  The Kiwanis Club of Charlestown sponsored this new club in Jeffersonville and their officers were present.  Guests were also Mr. Darwin DeLaughter, the Governor of the Indiana District, Mariane Fisher, Lt. Governor of the Scenic Hills Division, and members from the Historic New Albany Club, Henryville Club, and Charlestown Club.  According to Governor DeLaughter, the Jeffersonville Club is the 213th Club organized in the state. Peggy Cundiff, Adam Luckett, and Travis Dorman comprised the committee that put together the Charter Night Dinner.
     Charter members are: James Adams, Kelly Adams, Alan Applegate, Nancy Boman, Rick Cartuyvelles, Rebecca Christensen, Steve Cissna, Meredith Clipp-Rodriguez, Peggy Cundiff, Travis Dorman, Mark Fisher, Mariane Fisher, Stephen Fisher, Tom Galligan, Chad Gilbert, Mike Hall, Jeff House, Thomas Kempf, Eden Kuhlenschmidt, Kyle Lovan, Rick Lovan, Jacqueline Love, Adam Luckett, Michael Nelson, Margaret Pollard, Amber Ridings, Benjamin Sapp, John Seebold, Margaret Laird Shea, Philip Shea, Roger Smallwood, Rachel Smith, Crystal Spencer, Brent Williams
    Officers for the new club are: John Seebold, President, Ben Sapp, President Elect, Travis Dorman, Treasurer, and Eden Kuhlenschmidt, Secretary



  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • June 14, 2010

Young Children Priority One - Safety Town

The week before Charter Dinner Night, the Kiwanis Club of Jeffersonville voted that their first club project would be a Young Children Priority One project.  Safety Town, where pre-school children are taught public safety from crossing streets to what to do in fires, was being re-built, enlarged, and re-energized in our community, but it needed finanacial support.  The club donated funds to help with the rebuilding.  One of the streets now bears the name Kiwanis Lane.

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • June 8, 2010

Jeffersonville Kiwanis Club of the 1970's

From the Jeffersonville Evening News:  An installation of officers for the 1976-1977 Kiwanis Club year was held recently.  Charles Ridenour, Lt. Governor assisted with the installation.  President: Jeffrey McNary, Vice-President: William Temple, Secretary: Preston Bodine, Treasurer: Albert Helzer

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • 1976

Kiwanis Club of the 1950's - Key Club Sponsorship

   In a recent (July 9, 2010) conversation with Charles Nachand and Carolyn Cardwell, it was revealed that the Jeffersonville Kiwanis Club of the 1950's sponsored a Key Club at Jeffersonville High School.  Charles (Charley) Nachand was a member of the Key Club and remembers doing a few service projects, but mostly remembered the times the high school students were invited to attend the adult Kiwanis Club at the Jeffersonville Dining Room Restaurant.  He said that they would climb the stairs to the second level and then watch the adults closely to see what they were doing.
   Carolyn Cardwell remembers the group from a different standpoint.  When told about the new Jeffersonville Club, she said, "Didn't that used to be men's only?" Carolyn had been one of the waitresses serving the Kiwanis Club during the 1950's at the Jeffersonville Dining Room.  She remembered that there were speakers and talk of projects.

   Charles Nachand remembered that when Little League started in Jeffersonville in 1950, the group was looking for sponsors.  His father was a member of Kiwanis at the time and he and the other members stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and sponsored one of the first Little League teams in Jeffersonville.

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • 1957

Kiwanis Charter Dinner December 18, 1944

Kiwanis Club of Jeffersonville was first organized in Jeffersonville in 1944 according to an article in a Jeffersonville Evening Newspaper article published on Tuesday, December 19, 1944.  The original club had a roster of 26 members.  The Charter Dinner was held at Sap's Cafeteria.  President: Rev. W. E. Carroll, Vice-President: Louis C. Voss, Treasurer: Alonzo Benson, and Secretary Charles E. Reisert.  The six directors were Eugene S. Babb, Ray Watkins, Al Neumeister, Joseph Wagner, C. C. Callahan and Dan Covert.  Members were Lyle McSpadden, Herbert Bere, Robert Heyn, D. Y.Royster, Thomas E. Jones, Carl Fedler, C. W. Hoodenpyl, M. H. McMonigle, Kermit Pendleton, Robert Vester, C. T. Hertzsch, Jr., Marion Kemp, Jesse Hanger, Wallace Grosbach, Ralph Utley, and Charles Brookbank.
    The article said that the new organization was one of 2, 500 clubs in the United States and Canada.  Meetings would be held weekly at Sap't Cafeteria at 6:15 p.m.
    Speakers at the Charter dinner were Cponner K. Salm of Madison, Indiana, Joseph Williams, the Rev. Mark Anthony, W. W. Schwaninger, T. J. Trunnell, and Theodore Scharf.  All of the speakers were members of the New Albany Kiwanis Club shich served as the sponsoring club.


  • Jeffersonville, Indiana: corner of Meigs and Tenth Street
  • December 18, 1944

Kiwanis Club of the 1940's

1) 1945 - June 4, 1945: Quest speaker was Professor Mars Westington of Hanover College.  He spoke on the topic "Germany in a New European Order" which traced the trend of teachings to the German teaching that lead to WWII. He predicted that the U.S. would maintain a standing army in German for several years and that the re-education of German thinking was the only way to 'stamp out Prussian teachings".  Sharing the program was John Lucht, Madison, Indiana, the Lt. Gov. of the 12th Kiwanis Division. Guests at the Kiwanis meeting were John Gans, Melvin Blackard and O.G. Reed from the Madison Club, Joseph Williams, A. L. Schwaninger, Bert Shunder, George Shrader, Clifford Davis and Stanley Davis of the New Albany Club and F.D. Mitchell of Jeffersonville was guest and potential member.  Rev. W. E. Carroll was the club president.
2) By August 31, 1945 the site for Kiwanis, Sap's Cafeteria sufered a fire and the club had to look elsewhere for its meeting site.

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • 1944-1949

Kiwanis Clubs of Indiana host 4-H Club Jr. Leaders

An article in the Jeffersonville Evening News reports that the Kiwanis Clubs of Indiana have undertaken the sponsorship of 4-H Club Jr. Leaders to attend a Leadership Camp from May 31 to June 3, 1939 at the Indianapolis Boy Scout Reservation.  This was a joint effort of the 4-H Clubs Hoosier Division, the Extension Department of Purdue University, and Kiwanis Club to build leadership training to young adults in every county throughout the state.  While the article does not refer to a Kiwanis Club in Jeffersonville, this might have been an enticement to start a club. 

  • Indiana
  • 11 May 1939


The Kiwanis Club of Jeffersonville met on July 21 at the office of Rick Lovan in the Mayor's Suite at the Quadrangle to discuss the upcoming year's activities and to change meeting days and times. The new schedule of meetings is as follows:

1st and 3rd Thursdays -- Jeff High School -- 4:30 p.m.

2nd and 4th Thursdays -- Mayor's Office -- Noon

A Flapjack Fundraiser is being planned for Saturday, September 6, at Applebee's in Clarksville from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m.  The JHS Key Club will assist with the fundraiser. Tickets will be $5 for the breakfast.  Please contact Mariane Fisher at 502-724-7220 for more information or to purchase tickets.  Tickets can be purchased from any Kiwanis or Key Club member. 

The next meeting will be held on August 14th at noon at the Mayor's Office.  There will be no meeting on August 7. 

Please join us for one of our August  meetings and learn more about the Kiwanis adventure! 

  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • July 21, 2014

Contributor: ekuhlens
Created: July 10, 2010 · Modified: July 21, 2014

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