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Andrew "Dude" Irwin

Andrew Irwin was the son of Joseph Combs Irwin and Martha Ann Ward Irwin.  Like many in Appalachia Ohio, he followed the work and that is what led him to Rendville, Ohio.  Rendville was an interracial coal camp, much like Berlin Crossroads Ohio, where Andrew had grown up.  Rendville was also a socially activist community, as was Berlin Crossroads.  Dude's wife, Alice, died in Rendville @ 1907 leaving him with 11 children to raise.  Much is written about Rendville and Berlin Crossroads so please research but know that by 1907 the economic "Bust" was on and it was a hard scrabble way of life with little mining employment for anyone. 

Dude's father was a miner and fought in the Civil War.  Dude's grandmother, Hannah Combs Irwin was of Native American blood and by some accounts, African American as well.  His grandfather, John Irwin had roots in Mercersburg, PA, Glencoe, County Antrim Ireland and Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

  • Rendville, Ohio
  • Early 1900's

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