HEAT RECORD, June 26-27, 2010-Central-MD-Frederick, MD, area as well.

HEAT RECORD, June 26-27, 2010-Central-MD-Frederick, MD, area as well.


We took a short trip up into the mountains to in part get away from some of the heat and just get away. However so it seemed even Frederick, MD, was when last I heard having a RECORD BRAKING heat spell. Over 100 degrees, with a heat index, of at least 105 and health warning due to air quality.

Short trip to WV, to get away from record heat, in Central Maryland.

  • Frederick, Glen Burnie, MD

The heat spell was already bad on Friday June 25, so we decided to go to WV, mountains, however seems all the way to Northern Maryland and even in WV, panhandle area, they were having record heat.

We went on a short weekend trip to WV, we stayed in Martinsburg, WV, but visited that triangle area, which includes Harpers Ferry, Charles Town, etc..This is a FAVORITE RESTURANT, the Mountain View Diner, in Charles Town, WV. June 26-27, 2010. According to the news, local Central-Maryland and on the radio coming home, we were having a record braking 100 degree temp, with a heat index of abt 106, at that time, it may have gotten even hotter. This apparently was the case at least into Frederick, Maryland, which is Northern, MD as well and probably into the mountains, Panhandle area, WV/VA/MD. The air quality was dangerous, and they were advising people to stay in.  We were driving home from Martinsburg, WV, which is about 1 1/2 hour, slightly more or less, depending on the traffic.  The traffic going into WV, when we were coming home was bumper to bumper on the main route.  They may have had an accident, don't know, but we made good time, getting back and really love visiting WV.

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