26 Jan 1921 1
Jefferson, Iowa 1
26 Feb 1943 1
At Sea 1

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26 Jan 1921 1
Jefferson, Iowa 1
Male 1
26 Feb 1943 1
At Sea 1
Cause: War 1
Mother: Bertha Mae Livingston 1
Father: Matson Sigler 1

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Elwin William Sigler

At Sea

Elwin William Sigler

Born: in Jefferson, Iowa January 26, 1921

Father: Matson Sigler

Mother: Bertha Mae Livingston

Soon after Elwin was born his mother and father

went there separate ways. Elwin visited many

family members over the next 20 years but most

of the time he spent with his Mom.

Like many brave American’s Elwin joined the Navy

because we were under attack. He gave the

ultimate sacrifice so that we could live free.

Thank’s Uncle Elwin!


On 10 January 1943 Argonaut spotted a convoy of

five freighters and their destroyer escorts.  An

Army aircraft was by chance flying overhead and

witnessed Argonaut's attack.  Argonaut hit at least

one of the destroyers with her torpedoes, and they

promptly counter attacked.  A crew member on

board the plane saw Argonaut's bow suddenly

break the water at an unusual angle.  It was

apparent that a depth charge had severely

damaged the submarine.  The destroyer continued

circling Argonaut and pumping shells into her. 

She slipped below the waves and was never heard

from again.  One hundred and five officers and

men went down with the submarine.  Her name

was struck from the Navy list on 26 February 1943.



I never got to meet him.

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