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John Peyton 1
Age in 1860: 54 1
Kentucky 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1806 1
Place: Montgomery County, Indiana 1
From: 1860 1
Minor Civil Division: Brown Township 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


John Jackson Payton

Montgomery County, IN.

From the Crawfordsville Public Library's Family Files

NOTE: This was copied from journal found in Payton family records.

John Jackson Payton was born in Shelby Co., Ky. On Feb. 8, 1805. Note: Jackson and Mary were born near Peytonia, Ky. The town was named after Peytonia, Scotland (Europe). Ancestors came from Scotland and settled in Va., first and then moved on to Ky. Mary Kiphart was born in Shelby Co., Ky. On March 10, 1810. They were married in October 1828, and started to walk to Indiana the next day. They came to Indianapolis, Ind. and stopped there to vote for Andy Jackson for President. The settlers wanted them to stop and buy land there (only 14 log houses in Indianapolis then). They came to Montgomery Co., Ind. and settled on 80 acres known as the Thorn farm. Stayed 1 year and came to the old home farm, near Alamo just back of what is known as Devils Back Bone at Shades Park, where they raised their family. Of the eleven children, 5 were married. These were: George Washington Payton (4 children) James (8 children) Mary Payton Matheman (5 children) Charles (3 children) and Jake (3 children). The first winter they were here (Jackson Payton family) he killed 65 wild turkeys and 11 deer. Meat was plentiful and bread was scarce. Wild animals were hogs, wolves, otter, lynx, bob cat, and some bear. The only road was an Indian trail. They used steel flint punk to start fires with. Indians often stopped at the cabin to eat as they were going west. Their nearest neighbor was 5 miles. Dr. White lived south east of where Browns Valley now stands and then came Hanna's, Conners, Glens, Rices, VanCleves, Davis, Atchensons. Conner and Glen started the first gristmill on Indian Creek. They hired Jackson Payton to blow the hole through the bluff for the race. He was 48 days blowing the tunnel through the rock and rec'd 48 bushels of corn for his labor.

Mr. Hanna came from Ky. He brought a horse and a 2-year-old colt. They got away and went back to Ky. Hanna told Grandpa Payton he could have his choice if he would go to Shelby Co., Ky. And bring the horses back. He walked to Ky. And brought the horses back, swimming the Ohio River. He took the colt for his pay. Other trips he took were with a party of men driving hogs to Richmond, Va. Crossing the Ohio on a ferryboat at Madison, Indiana. The trip took 40 days going and 16 days coming back home. He rec'd 25 cents a day and his board for his trip.

Mary Kiphart Payton's father  George was a member of Johnsonson's Regiment, Mounted, Kentucky Vols. 8th May 1813 Henry Co., Ky. Discharged 20th Oct. 1813.Served under Captain William M. Rice, under the command of Col. Richard Johnson. George Kephart was at the Battle of the Thames (Moraviantown, Canada) where his regiment is credited with killing Tecumseh after first breaking through the British lines. When he came back to Ky. George told John Payton and Mary "Polly" what a great state Central Indiana would be.


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