Nicholas Barillot 1648 is the start of my famiy journey. Barrieau is now the spelling. Since people rarely could read or write, name spelling was left up to those that could. Now add the various accents and this is why there are so many different spelling in family history. Records must be traced carefully and often times they are in languages other than English. Birthdates are also often changed by the individual or family depending on social or personal needs. Thanks for joining the Barrieau Family Search.


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Pierre Zacharie Barrieau and Family
Pierre Zacharie Barrieau and Family
Pierre Zacharie Barrieau married Marie Célina Richard in Acadia. This area is often referred to as French Canada. The family came to America most being carpenters and farmers. Joseph Hurbert Barrieau came by himself with only a 4th grade education. He joined family then helped others to America.
Joseph Hurbert Barrieau and Family
Joseph Hurbert Barrieau and Family
Joseph married a young bride 26 Nov 1928, Cécile Mary Thomas. Joseph was the 10th of 14 children. Joseph is my grandfather. He could make anything just by looking at it. He was a great machinest.

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