29 Apr 1818 1
Vermont 1
Vermont 2

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Personal Details

Milo Ingraham 2
Age in 1860: 42 2
29 Apr 1818 1
Vermont 1
Vermont 2
Male 1
Male 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1818 2
Place: Madison, Ohio 1
Place: St. Joseph County, Michigan 2
From: Vermont 1
From: 1860 2
To: Michigan 1
Minor Civil Division: Flowerfield Township 2
Mother: Elizabeth (Betsy) Day 1
Father: Daniel Ingraham 1

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  2. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


The Grain Cradle Maker

Flowerfield Township, Van Buren County, Michigan

Taken from; Portrait and Biographical Album of St. Joseph Co., Michigan. Chapman Brothers. 1889. Chicago.

Milo Ingraham, a pioneer of 1833, made his advent into Michigan Territory when a youth of fifteen years, having been born April 29, 1818, in Vermont. His early home was on the shore of the beautiful Lake Champlain, but before he was able to appreciate the world renowned scenery of that region, circumstances induced his parents to change their residence from the Green Mountain State to Ohio. They settled in the town of Madison, Lake County, where they lived until coming to Michigan in the spring of the year above mentioned (1883). Here they settled in Kalamazoo County, where the father improved a farm, and where the education of our subject was completed in common school. Upon approaching manhood he began an apprenticeship at the cooper trade, which he followed afterward in Flowerfield. In the spring of 1844 he, in company with his brother Alvin, purchased the cradle manufactory of Ami Palmer, which they conducted successfully three years together, when Milo purchased the interest of his brother in the business, and has since carried it on himself. This has proved a very profitable enterprise, he some years turning out as high as 600 cradles, which he shipped to different States, and which have attained a wide reputation throughout the West.

     Mr. Ingraham has been a resident of Flowerfield Township for a period of over forty years. Here he was first married, Aug 4, 1844, to Miss Jane Leonard, who became the mother of four children, and died at the present homestead Sept. 14, 1863. Mr. I. was married a second time, Nov. 2, 1867, to Mrs. Ann (Hair) Briggs. This lady was born in Lincolnshire, England, May 26, 1830, whence she came to the United States in 1852. She was first married to John E. Briggs, who served as a Union soldier in the late Civil War, and died of fever at Fairfax Court House at the age of thirty-seven years. Mr. and Mrs. Briggs were the parents of the following children: Hannah is the wife of John Beam, and lives in Howardsville, Mich.; Sarah Elizabeth, Mrs. Frank Roach, is a resident of Flowerfield, Mich.; Edward W. is married, and engaged in the Upton machine works at Port Huron, Mich.

     Our subject's children by his first marriage were: Mary, who became the wife of Harrison Surdam, and they are living in Western Oregon; Isabelle, Mrs. Robert Pashby, is a resident of Iowa City, Cal.; Irene is the wife of John E. Jones, and they live in Iceland, Ore.; Celia married Mr. Mark Stoughton, and they are residents of Waverly Township, Van Buren County, this State, living on a farm. To our subject and his present wife there has been one child born only, a son, John M., Feb. 1, 1870. He is a bright and promising young man, and has obtained a practical education in the schools of Flowerfield.

     Daniel and Betsey (Day) Ingraham, the parents of our subject, were natives of Vermont, and spent the last years of their lives with their son Milo, in Flowerfield, who provided for their needs with filial care until they no more required his affectionate services. Daniel Ingraham departed this life in 1845, and the faithful mother Oct. 8, 1867. They were the parents of nine children, six sons and three daughters, of whom there are living three sons and two daughters. Norman and Alvin have arrived at the advanced ages of eighty-three and sixty-seven years respectively; the former makes home in Three Rivers, and the latter in Flowerfield Village. Marie, Mrs. John Barto, is seventy-six years old, and a resident of Lansing; Martha Ann, the wife of Joseph Williams, lives in Iowa. The father served as a soldier in the War of 1812, and one brother of our subject, Lysander, was a soldier in the late war, and died at Three Rivers when sixty-one years old, from disease contracted while in the army.

The Grain-Cradle Factory

Flowerfield Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

Taken from; 1827-1877 History of St. Joseph County, Michigan. L.H. Everts and Co., 1877. Philadelphia.

Flowerfield Village

Grain-Cradle Factory

     This establishment was started on a small scale by Ami Palmer in 1843. At first it was devoted to the cooper business, and so mainly continued until bought out by Milo and Alvin Ingraham, in 1844. They began the manufacture of cradles on an extensive basis in 1847. Alvin only remained in partnership about a year, and since his retirement Milo conducted it alone. In 1876 the factory turned out five hundred and thirty cradles, which with repairing, made an aggregate business of about two thousand five hundred dollars.

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