L A Snider

L A Snider

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Laura Catherine PARLER, 1855-1946 writes about her father Daniel and Lehre Snider going to Arkansas

  • Migration from South Carolina to Arkansas

William Daniel Parler and Lehre A. Snider went to Arkansas in the 1850's with a group of men and obtained land. When they were settled, they wrote for their wives to come. Amarintha, Lehre's sister, with her children, Laura 2 and Alex 6 wks., started out to join her husband. In the meantime, Daniel, who was not happy in Arkansas decided to return to South Carolina., hoping to reach there before his wife set out.

When the boat on which he was going up river passed a larger boat going down the river, he noticed a small black trunk on the baggage piled at the front of the boat. He remarked to a fellow passenger "That looks like my little old black trunk I left in South Carolina."
When he reached the home of his father-in-law Deacon Jacob Snider, he found that his wife and children had gone to Arkansas. He broke down and cried. The next day he set out to retrace the long journey and find his family. Back in Arkansas kindly settlers had taken Amarintha and her children into their home to await the return of Daniel. When the family was finally reunited they decided to make their home in Arkansas.

During the war Daniel served in the C.S.A. In 1865 he died at 38. Lehre Snider died in January 1865 at age 41.

Amarintha became ill. One day as Amarintha lay upon her bed, she raised up on her pillow and saw through a crack of the door a man approaching her house. Immediately she recognized him. "It's brother William", she sighed with relief. And it was, for when Deacon Jacob Snider had learned of Daniel's death, he had sent William to bring Amarintha and the children home. William J. Snider, his sister and her children made the trip back to S.C. by wagon, boat and at Memphis they boarded the "cars".

Amarintha returned to South Carolina from Arkansas in 1869 with her brother, William Snider. After Amarintha died, her father, Deacon Jacob Snider, took her children in and raised them.

Laura Catherine PARLER, 1855-1946 continues her story of South Carolina and Arkansas

  • Elloree South Carolina

Laura Catherine PARLER: Laura wrote the following for the UDC books:
My father William Daniel Parler, and my mother Ammie Snider, lived near the old Snider place and bore seven children. We were very prosperous and had everything around us for comfort. Father decided to move to Arkansas, and from our old home, near Elloree, we went. In two years time war was declared and father was called to arms. It was a sad time for us all, for we had never known hardship until then. We managed as best we could but, even at best, that was very poor. Father came home several times to see us and then there was great rejoicing. Our home life was spent just as most all other homes endured.
There were so many anxious days and long nights before it was all over. One day we looked out and there was father, tattered and worn, coming across the yard. He was walking and had been on foot for days. He told us that the war was over, that he had come home bringing nothing but a pair of gold rim eyeglasses which he had found.
In two years time, our hearts were broken again, for father died of a congestive chill. Then came unthinkable sadness, for we were left without a thing.
Word was sent to my grandfather Jacob Snider, at the old home near Elloree and he sent Uncle William Snider to bring us all back home. We were well cared for after that, for grandfather had a plenty and was able to do a fine part by my mother.
We had almost no chance to go to school up to the time we came for Arkansas. Grandfather sent us to school at old Santee Church School, which was taught by Mr. Barrett (Mrs. Carrie Rush's father). Here we learned many fine things, afterwards we went to school in Elloree where Mr. Hugo Sheridan taught. This school was called "Hill's Old Field School." Here my education ended.
I was married in 1879 at my old home and afterwards moved to the Hickory Grove Section. To my marriage has been given nine children.