What is a Vivandier or Cantoniere?

What is a Vivandier or Cantoniere?


Vivandiers” comes from the French employment of females in the military service. Also called “Daughter of the Regiment

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Also called Daughter of the Regiment

    They were young girls, usually an officer's relative, that wanted to be part of the gala and excitement of War, not fully understanding what that meant.

    They were included as flag carriers for parades and ceremonies.  They dressed in pretty uniforms, similar to those of the army (jacket, pants and  a skirt) with which they were associated.  Eventually, the logistics of caring for these "extra personnel" became prohibitive for the armies, so the government deeded them as part of the extended army unit and was then able to distribute supplies for the girls.  Some girls took the job very seriously and actually became part of the battle. For example, Kady Brownell and Anna Etheridge both were accredited with rallying the troops in the dense smoke of fire.  The role of  Vivandier varied on a wide scale, depending on the personal commitment of each individual girl. Many carried canteens of water, wine or whiskey for refreshing the soldiers in battle, some dragged wounded off the field, while others covered the faces of the dead or brought much needed ammunition to the soldiers.  Some were even accused of being prostitutes using the uniform as a "cover" for their clandestine activities.


    Madame Boivert - Guards Lafayette from Mobile, AL 
    Eliza “Lide” Carico - 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers, Co. A
    Lucy Ann Cox - 13th Virginia Reg.& 30th Virginia Inf., Co. A
    Lucinda Home - 14th South Carolina Vol. Inf., Co. K
    Jane Claudia Johnson - 1st Maryland Inf.
    Allie McPeak 
    Leona Neville -5th Louisiana Inf. 
    Mary Ann Perkins - Guarde Lafayette, Mobile, AL
    Bettie Taylor Philips - 4th Kentucky Inf. Reg. 
    Rose K. Rooney - 15th Louisiana Inf., Co. K
    Sarah Taylor - 1st Tennessee Inf.
    Nancy Slaughter Walker 
    Lavinia Williams - 1st Louisiana Inf., Co. A & B


    Arabella Barlow – 12th New York Militia Reg., 61st New York Inf.
    Sarah Beasley - 1st Rhode Island Inf.
    Catherine Whitacre Brashear - 16th and 19th Ohio Inf.
    Mary A. Brown - 31st Maine
    Kady Brownell - 1st Rhode Island Infantry Volunteers, 5th Rhode Island Inf.
    Bridget “Irish Biddy” Deavers (Divers) – 1st Michigan Cavalry Reg.
    Mrs. L. L. Deming -10th Michigan Inf.
    Molly Divver - 7th New York Inf.
    “Dutch Mary” - 17th Maine Infantry Reg.
    Anna Etheridge (“Gentle Annie”, “Michigan Annie”) - 2nd Michigan Vol. Inf. Reg.; 3rd Michigan; 5th Michigan
    Hannah Ewbank - 7th Wisconsin Inf.
    Elizabeth Cain Finnan - 81st Ohio Inf.
    Augusta Foster - 5th & 2nd  Maine Inf.
    Martha Francis -1st Rhode Island Inf.
    Ella Gibson - 49th Ohio Inf.
    Ellen Goodridge - Wisconsin Reg.
    Virginia Hall - 72nd Pennsylvania Inf.
    Eliza Harris 
    Annie Jones - New York Reg.
    Lizzie Clawson Jones - 6th Massachusetts Inf. Reg. 
    Hannah O’Neil - Co. H, 1st Minnesota Vol. Inf.
    Belle Reynolds - 17th Illinois Inf. 
    Salm-Salm. Agnes Elisabeth Winona Leclerq Joy, Princess (Dec. 25, 1844-Agnes Elisabeth Winona Leclerq Joy, “Princess Salm-Salm” 
    Jerusha Small - 12th Iowa Inf. Reg.
    Marie Tebe, “French Mary” - 27th Pennsylvania Inf., Co. I-“Washington      Brigade”, 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves
    Nadine Turchin -19th Illinois Inf. Reg.
    Modenia Weston - 3rd Iowa Inf.
    Eliza Wilson - 5th Wisconsin Inf., Co.K- “Dunn County Pinery Rifles”
    Maggie Wilson
    Mrs. John Witherson/Witherspoon - 23rd Pennsylvania Inf.
    Julia Wood

    Affiliation Unknown

    Mary Hill
    Mary Lippy

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