Conflict Period:
Vietnam War 1
Army 1
Corporal 1
09 Oct 1948 1
28 Mar 1969 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Sean Timothy Doran 1
09 Oct 1948 1
Male 1
28 Mar 1969 1
Cause: Gun, Small Arms Fire 1
Age at Death: 20 1
Body Recovered: Recovered 1
Casualty Date: 28 Mar 1969 1
Casualty Type: Hostile, Died 1
Hometown: Lennox, CA 1
Marital Status: Single 1

Vietnam War 1

Army 1
Corporal 1
2nd Bn 1
B Co 1
Enlistment Type:
Selective Service 1
+ E3 1
Major Command:
25th Inf Div 1
27th Infantry 1
Army 1
Light Weapons Infantry (ARMY) 1
Tour Start Date:
13 Mar 1969 1
Years Served:
0 1
Roman Catholic 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1
Memorial Wall Location:
Line: 68 1
Panel: 28W 1

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In Remembrance of PFC Sean Doran

Star Valley, AZ

On that morning, March 28, 1969, another company was already in contact when we got the word at FSB Jackson to saddle up.  We were all upset because we were supposed to have the day down.  First & Third platoon were airlifted to the area. Once on the LZ we initially set up a blocking position in a wide open paddy area.  Some distance away the other company was in heavy contact, and we watched air strikes on the village.  After a while we were ordered to sweep through a hedgerow complex in order to accomplish a flanking movement in support the other company.  Third plt was sent to another area way off to our left.  First plt was ambushed just as we hit the hedgerow.  PFC Sean Doran was pointman on the left side of the formation and he was hit right away, as was Sgt Vincent Moran, both were KIA.  PFC Doran was lying on top of a berm as the firefight pursued.  Charles Flory was pointman on the right side and I was behind him, maybe 6-8 meters away. Flory was wounded in the scalp and knocked unconscious, but he quickly recovered and crawled to cover. SSG Paul Nelson was also killed that day, making a total of three KIA's and eight WIA's. Once we were in contact, Third plt closed in on our left and it was those guys who put down enough fire to enable the rest of us to withdraw to better cover in a big ditch, which was probably a dried-up canal.  Led by Lt Dick Deaner, the Third came to our rescue that day.  Late in the battle I remember seeing Deaner and SSG Humiston right up front working their way closer to us and putting down heavy suport fire.  They were directly to our left.  I remember thinking, “Here comes the Calvary!".  Once they took out the enemy positions in the hedgerow, they were able to recover the dead and wounded.  Incident remembered by Dennis Kitchin 1st Plt Bravo Co 2/27 Wolfhounds.

Posted by Gerald Maddock 2nd Plt Bravo Co 2/27 Wolfhounds

~  Rest In Peace, Brother  ~

~  You Will Never Be Forgotten  ~

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