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In today's world of research whether it is educational or family the prize exists in primary source documents. has over 60 million US original documents that have never been available before on the internet. From these US primary sources one can gain a real insight into the greatest and most devious minds in history. We can also verify family origins and gain a true understanding of where our own lines originate. Footnote provides it's user a unique opportunity to experience pure research through these primary sources!


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Primary Source Documents and America's Revolutionary War

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The United States of America began in a remarkable way. We were rebellious children of the tyrannical mother England. Many of our ancestors fought in that great struggle of independence. Those roots make us who we are today. To discover who are ancestors were then is to give us a certain amount of insight and pride as to whom we are today. Family History connecting us to that event will not only inform us of those good things but it will also give us pause to reflect and make changes in our own lives.

Then there is the historical value of that struggle. What is it our forefathers were actually trying to devise as far as their view of our future was concerned? What can we discern from their writings on subjects which vex us today? All of these questions can be answered through pure research coupled with personal soul searching.

PRIMARY SOURCES allow us to delve into the minds of those in the past, and do it without the interpretation of others. When we argue a point of importance we can go back to the original comment for reference.

Footnote provides all of these opportunities and more. The opportunity to connect with other primary sources and people is provided by the designers of the site. The purpose of is to provide that type of learning.

Primary Source Documents in the 1800s


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As the United States continued to grow, the records kept became much more valuable to future generations. The westward expansion with the Native American problems continuing to surge upward were perfect examples of times when records for future reference would be invaluable. INDIAN TREATIES and purchases of land could only be reclaimed later by documentation in the form of Primary Source Documents.

The CIVIL WAR would bring a near disaster for the United States. The primary source documents attached to this war would give future generations the information they would need to avoid future conflicts after this manner.

The  Wild West and the further expansion with the gold rush and the feelings of manifest destiny were the events which made us who we are today. All of these things are recorded and allow us to understand why our country formed in the particular way in which it has. We can take historians liberal or concervative approaches as to what our fore fathers meant, or we can research original primary source documents and form our own opinion as to what was meant and just exactly what happened.

Primary Source Documents 1990s-Today

Lindon, UT

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At the turn of the 19th century with the industrial revolution in full flight and the world expanding in population, but shrinking through increased communication we found ourselves in a precarious position. America, England's stepchild, was destined to become a world leader and remains that way today.

Through the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and now the Middle East the United States has become the strongest nation in HISTORY, and we have sacrificed the lives of many of our citizens in the name of conflict. Footnote's primary source documents not only show what really happened but they discount many of the false interpretations and opinions of each important historical US event. These documents allow us to develop our own opinions based on actual events and those who witnessed these events first hand.

As we have transferred from industry to technology everything has changed. We now have the means to access these primary documents in a matter of seconds! Computers have given us the capability to do this and the internet  has given us access to almost all information immediately. Not only is this a boon for family history, but also for historians, whether they are teachers or students. This is our time and we need to capitalize on what is out there. FOOTNOTE is one of the best sites around for US Primary Source Documents.

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