Swamp Fire - Aircraft # 20292 - Serial # 42-32024

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Swamp Fire


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Tales Of The Swamp Fire

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By October of 1944 there was humorous rumors and speculations going around Kimbolton about the Swamp Fire. It was said that: "Due to all the combat damages such as: a new nose section, a new tail section, a new ball turret, a new stabilizer, three wing replacements, 16 engine changes and over 1000 bullet and flak hole patches, there wasn't much of the original Aircraft left !"

" No, there isn't much left of the original Swamp Fire, just the fighting spirit and tradition built into her and maintained by her ground and combat crewmen. She is an excellent criterion of the greatest bomber in the European Theater of Operations"                     Commander 379th USAAF at the 100th Mission without an abort Celebration

For the stories and facts about this great Aircraft and the men who flew her go to:


Also visit this site about the Nose Art, Aircraft & Airmen of the 379th BG


  • Kimbolton, England
  • January 1944 to December 1944

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