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Mary (Bass) Bass (1st) Richardson (2nd)

Mary Bass Richardson applied for pension benefits in 1841 as the widow of Benjamin Richardson for benefits as outlined in several pension laws spanning from 1836 to 1838. 

Documentation in the application file shows two marriage bonds, one for her union with Elijah Bass, which took place in Bute County, NC on 13 February 1777.  The second bond was for her union with Benjamin Richardson in Granville County, NC on 13 February 1783.  This second marriage actually took place on 14 February 1783. 

Both husbands were veterans. Elijah Bass served in the 10th Regiment of North Carolina troops and died at the Battle of Eutaw Springs on 8 September 1781.  Benjamin Richardson served as a private and substitute for Ebenezer Riggan from Warren County, and was drafted in the militia for an additional three months.

Mary Bass Richardson died in November 1841.  Her children however, applied for benefits due their mother from her first marriage to Elijah Bass, rather than for benefits from their father's service. 

  • Bute & Halifax Counties, North Carolina
  • 13 Feb 1777 & 13 Feb 1783

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