Alma is the daughter of Amanda Elizabeth Dougan and William Henry Clark.

25 Dec 1903 1
Sunnyhill, , Texas 1
08 Sep 1978 1
Sherman, Grayson, Texas 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Alma Elizabeth Clark 1
Also known as:
Alma Elizabeth Evans 1
25 Dec 1903 1
Sunnyhill, , Texas 1
Female 1
08 Sep 1978 1
Sherman, Grayson, Texas 1
Cause: Cancer 1
Burial Date: 10 Sep 1978 1
Burial Place: West Shady Grove Cemetary, 1499 County Rd 635, Blue Ridge, TX 1
Place: 708 Houston St., Sherman Texas 2
From: 1925 2
To: 1930 2
Mother: Amanda Elizabeth Dougan 1
Father: William Henry Clark 1
Clarence Evans 1
1921 1
Desert, Collin, Texas 1
To: 1978 1
Housewife, Seamstress 1
Baptist 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Marriage Date:
22 Aug 1922 1
Lydia Mae Evans 1

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Grandma's Garden

Bells, Grayson, Texas

When I was a little girl my Great-grandparents lived on a farm in Bells, TX located off of HWY 82.  The house is located on the right of the highway, just pass the LionsClub Sign.

My grandparents had a large garden just to the right of the house.  My grandmother would grow anything from cabbage and tomatos to corn and okra.  Almost daily my grandmother would ask me to help her pick veggitables for dinner or lunch and it was a very big treat for me.  I can remember sitting under the carport helping her shuck peas during the summer.

My grandmother would can "bread-n-butter pickles" from the cuccumbers and peachs from the peach tree.  She also canned greenbeans, pickled okra and make jellies from the grapevines.  One afternoon while my grandfather was out working, I decided that I would help my grandmother pick the veggitables for dinner and be a big help.  So off I went!  I went out and picked both rows of cabbage and I thought I was big!  I ran to tell my grandmother and the look on her fast told me I was in trouble. 

The only thing that she said to me was you've got to get them planted back before "Papa" gets home and you wont get into trouble.  Off I went...... well needless to say, I didn't get it done.  All I remember after seeing his red pickup was him telling me to go pick a switch.  EWWWW!  I hated that and never could figure out why I had to pick the switch that he was going to spank me with.  Of course, I would always pick the smallest switch there was on the tree.  I would be sent back several times before  I finally picked the biggest one I could find.  I always thought it would hurt the worst and it was not until I was an adult that I realized why he always sent me back.

I never went to the gardent and picked dinner for us again without my grandmother's persmission or her being along side of me.  However, feeding the local livestock the okra is a completely different story.... See ya!

That she was always there for me. If I was in trouble, I could always go to her and she would keep me out of trouble. She was the best cook in the world... "Red Beans, Cornbread & Fried Tators" where her best! She always found a way to have enough food no matter how many people showed up unexpectedly and cook cook a meal fit for a king.

Gettin' Hitched

Desert, Collin, Texas

Papa always told the story that "Grandpa Evans" always told his boys that if they would wait till they turned 21 to get married, he would give them $1,000.  WOW!  $1,000 back in the early 1900's was like stricking gold.  My great-grandfather did just that.  He turned 21 on 1 August 1922 and on 14 August 1922 he married my Alma Elizabeth Clark.

Papa said that he and Uncle Lawrence took their sweethearts to the preachers house and they both got married in front of his house while sitting in the horse buggy.  There is suppose to be a photo that was taken by the pastor that day, but no one has a copy or knows where it is.

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