10 Sep 2005 1
Orange, Orange County, Texas USA 1

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Personal Details

Also known as:
"Gatemouth" Brown 2
Clarence Brown 3
Age in 1930: 17 3
Estimated Birth Year: 1913 3
10 Sep 2005 1
Orange, Orange County, Texas USA 1
Cause: lung cancer, heart disease 1
Place: ORANGE County, Texas 3
From: 1930 3
Enumeration District: JUSTICE PCT 1 3

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  1. New York Times, Obituaries, 12 Sep 2005 — Contributed by HCManson
  2. Contributed by HCManson
  3. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


This is most likely the famous musician Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Most biographers agree that Brown was born in Vinton, Louisiana and raised in Orange, Texas. The two towns are about 15 miles apart. Additionally, Brown's New York Times obituary states that his father was a worker on the railroad. The enumerator appears to have written "SPRR Co." [presumably, "Southern Pacific Railroad Co."] in the column headed INDUSTRY next to the father's name. However, most biographers state that Brown was born in 1924. Given the general sloppiness of this enumerator, it's plausible that a mistake was made as to Clarence's age.

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