Confederate Unfiled Papers

Confederate Unfiled Papers


Arranged by soldier’s surnames, these are images of card abstracts and personal papers never filed within a confederate soldier’s original service record file. Papers were collected by the War Department and then placed in this series when their proper filing was uncertain or there was no other place to file them. The usual reason was that the information was insufficient or contained discrepancies and could not be positively identified with any soldier for whom there was a compiled service record.

Using the collection

    As noted above, there are special issues to keep in mind when researching images within this title.

    • Types of papers included in the collection are card abstracts and personal papers similar to those typically found in the compiled service records of Confederate soldiers; names included in these documents may also relate to civilian employees or private citizens who aided the Confederate cause.
    • These papers were placed in this series when their proper filing was uncertain due to insufficient or conflicting information; there was no other place to put them such as when the soldier belonged to a home guard or other state organization that was never called into the service of the central Government of the Confederate States; or when the information contained on the document was too vague to identify the subject as a soldier, a civilian employee or a private citizen.
    • The card abstracts contain entries taken from original muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, inspection reports, hospital registers, Union prison registers and rolls, and parole rolls. Also included are references to original records, letters, vouchers, requisitions, paroles and oaths of allegiance. The personal papers are the originals of documents relating solely to the particular soldiers identified.
    • These records include variant spellings of a name; therefore, it may be necessary to search for a name using various spellings. The collection includes cross-reference cards for variant spellings as well as guide cards grouping similar-sounding names.
    • These documents are not included in the state indexes or in the consolidated master Confederate index (NARA microfilm publication 253).

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