Martin Luther King Jr.- I HAVE A DREAM

Martin Luther King Jr.- I HAVE A DREAM

Families all around the world sit in front of their TVs each year on the third Monday of January to watch one of the greatest speeches of our time, "I Have a Dream", by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a son, husband, father, Pastor and Civil Rights leader in one of the most important times in American History. This is a synopsis of his short life, but great accomplishments!

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An Introduction To Dr.King

  • Lindon, Utah

Over 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a decisive factor in the success of the United States Civil Rights Movement. BLACK US HISTORY was at a turning point and Dr. King was the pivotal point. I am proud to dedicate this page to him and hope that it makes the reader consider just what his message was. FOOTNOTE.COM is a wonderful vehicle where this information can be presented. The words "I Have a Dream" belong to everyone, everywhere!

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