Ala 1
1881 2
McComb, Pike County, MS 2

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Personal Details

Charley Krout 1
Age in 1860: 6 1
Ala 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1854 1
1881 2
McComb, Pike County, MS 2
Place: Dallas County, Alabama 1
From: 1860 1
Minor Civil Division: Cahaba Beat 1
Sarah Elizabeth Krout 2

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]
  2. Contributed by blake


Chronology of Charles W. Krout

1860 Cahaba, Dallas Co. ALA Census, p. 373: 

C. Krout - head of household,

Household members:

C Krout, 45, male, restaurant keeper; $2K business propertyh; $2K personal property, from Germany

Mary M. Krout, 32 b. 1828 ALA; gender - female

Jacob Krout, 8, male, b. ALA; one year of school

CHARLEY Krout, 6, Male, b. ALA

Sam E. Krout, 2, male, b. ALA

Jacob Krout, 23, male, clerk, b. Germany


1865 ALA US IRS TAX Assessment lists:  C. Krout


Family moved to MS:  

1870 Fed. Census

Township 6, Lauderdale, MS - PO:  Meridian

Margaret Krout, 37 

Jacob C. Krout, 18 son

CHARLES W. Krout, 16, son

Samuel S. Krout, 11, son

Fannie Krout, 8, daughter

Louis Krout, 6, son

Mennie Krout, 4, daughter



Other sources for birthdate:  IGI has these records of Charles Krout:

    - born in 1860 of Catahula Parish, LA, died in 1881 and his baptism-1931 and AZ endw 1932 proxy as Elbert Thadist Goodson

    - two others, both born in 1854 in Ala and died in 1881 McComb, Pike, MS--but with different 

       parents:  Jacob and  Mrs. OR Nancy Jacob Krout (m. in 1847) and  C Krout and Mary M 




NOTE:  Neither of Charley’s parents (C. Krout and Mary Margaret Krout) appear in the 1880 census records.  Charley’s father (C. Krout) not in 1970 census, and 10 years later, his sisters Fannie and Minnie are living with older brother, Jacob C. Krout.  It is likely that C. Krout was no longer living in 1870 and that Mary Margaret died before the1880 census.


Charley’s Married Life 

Married in 1880 to Sara Elizabeth Powell in McComb City, MS (Ruby's records); Catahoula or McComb (Charlene's info)


1880 census of Franklin Parish, La., film #51620 Part 1029; p. 14, Line 142 Ward #2, taken 7th of June:  5   35;  14  44 


Charles Krout, age 26, laborer, b. ALA; father b. Germany; mother b. TX (could be confused w/Dallas Ala.)


Elizabeth, 28 housekeeper, b. MS; father b. GA; mother b. GA 


Ladybug Mathas, stepdaughter, age 11, b. Ms; mother b. Ms & father b. Ms 

Henry Hall, step son; age 3, b. LA; father b. Conn & mother b. Ms 

Bonnie Hall, step daugh; age 1, b. LA; father b. Conn & mother b. Ms


Annie Elizabeth Krout was born June 25, 1881 to Charles and Sara Elizabeth.  Charles died that same year.


Death Data

Ruby Hyde’s records show Charles died in 1881 and was buried in McComb, Pike Co., MS--no one else has this info.  

Charlene Stratford's records state he died of pneumonia after drinking.


Pike Co. Courthouse destroyed by fire in 1882--no prior records

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Biography & Notes



Charley’s parents & siblings were living in Dallas Co., ALA, Cahala (Cahaba) “New cemetery” Alabama in 1850’s:

Gravestone:  A loose square of marble reads: “C. Krout” -this is the only clue to Charley’s father’s death.  Another marker reads “George Washington, infanct son of C. and Mary Krout; May 19-July-19, 1857 (Dallas Co. ALA, Cahala (Cahaba) “New” cemetery   


No Krouts appear in the 1840 census for Dallas, Co.,, ALA. , but there is in the 1850 census of Pineflat, Autauga Co., ALA a Jacob Crout, 30, male, merchant, from Germany with a wife, Nancy 28, female, b. in So. C., and a daughter, Mary E. Crout, 2, female. b. in ALA in 1849. 


Jacob was a confectioner according to the 1860 census.  He was the administrator of an estate in 1860 there in Dallas, Co., active in building city, submitted new charter for Fire Co.  In 1866 there was a councilman Krout.    Fry states in Memories of Old Cahaba:  “Across on the west side of Vine Street, near Perine’s store was Krout’s confectionery and restaurant.”  


Jacob’s wife, Nancy, died in 1852 and was buried in Live Oak Cemetery.  Jacob was a grantor of several deeds and mortgages as listed in the Dallas County, Selma, ALA records.  The 1870 census lists: Jacob Krout 61, male, white, farmer, born in Germany, parents of foreign birth.  $500 personal property, $300 Business property, living w/him: Mary, 21, female, white, keeping house, b. ALA; and someone named George, 24, white, farm laborer, b. ALA.  


In June of 1971 all will books, probate court minutes and estate file indexes for Jacob or any Krout were checked and resulted in nothing.  All marriage records up to 1900 in an effort to find a second marriage or of his child, Mary –none listed.  There is no record of him in Dallas County after 1868.  


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