American Civil War Records

American Civil War Records


From 1861 to 1865, the separation of the Northern and Southern States almost became a reality. The American Civil War was father against son, and brother against brother in some of the fiercest battles ever fought. With state sovereignty and slavery at the heart of the conflict, Abraham Lincoln heroically saw America through this time. The cowardly assassination of Lincoln right before the abolition of slavery became constitutional, ushered the United States into a new era. Confederates against the Union, blue against gray, north battling south, all looking for a lasting identity that would carry them into the future. Through their eventual unification they were able to find it. Footnote provides you with the largest collection of Civil War records to be found anywhere on the internet, and truly brings this portion of history to life!

The Largest Collection of American Civil War Records on the Internet!

  • Lindon, Utah has the largest collection of original Civil War records on the internet. Through partnerships with NARA and others, we have either digitized collections that have never been available before online, or we have innovatively made old collections available in a way that you have never seen before. A great example of that is our "interactive" 1860 Census. Whether you are a genealogist, teacher, researcher, or historian, you will find treasures within these documents which will excite and invigorate you. You will be able to connect, spotlight, share, view, and print your discoveries using primary source records. The United States Civil War is for all Americans to study. To understand the present, we need to research the past. Slavery, Confederacy, Union, and Assassination are all terms that come to bear. If you want to understand the Southern and Northern States, as well as the Civil Rights Movement then you need to understand what happened in America during this period of war. I will do my best on this page to guide you through the collections that are available! The opportunity to JOIN FOOTNOTE has never been better than it is right now!

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