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Texas Blackfeet Indians


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Browning, Montana


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General Facts:
Ancestral Lands: The Blackfeet still reside on their ancestral lands 1
Basic Social Unit: The Band; made up 10 to 30 Lodges 1
Name Origin: Blackfeet comes from the dark moccasins the people wore 1
Population: 16,000 enrolled members; In 2000 Census 85,750 people registered as having Blackfeet ancestry 1
First French trappers arrive in Blackfeet cou:
1748 2
Attacked by Shoshone, first time seeing horses:
1730 3
Baker Massacre on the Marias River:
1870 3
Blackfeet reservation established:
1873 3
First Blackfeet Tribal Council elected:
1903 3
First Blackfoot Indian baptized:
25 Dec 1841 3
First peaceful trade with Americans:
1831 3
Lewis & Clark encounter the Blackfeet:
1806 3
Measles epidemic kills 1/3 of the Blackfoot:
1819 3
Peace of the Plains Treaty signed:
1851 3
White settlers enter Blackfeet lands:
1860 3
Headquarters: Browning, Montana 4
Location: Montana 4

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