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Wind Clan of the Mekasukey Band of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

Wind Clan of the Mekasukey Band of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

We are on our way to our Mikasukey Band meeting (special call) this evening.

Our Mikasukey Band Representatives on the General Council are Mrs. Eula (nee Narcomey) Doonkeen of the Wind Clan, Rhonda Fixico - Wind Clan.

Our Mikasukey Band Chief is Wahilla Doonkeen (daughter of Ms. Doonkeen),

Second Band Chief is Mrs. Eula Doonkeen and

Band secretary is Alfreda Doonkeen (Daughter of Ms. Doonkeen).

Currently, all council representatives for the Mekasukey Band in the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma are of the Wind Clan.

Alfreda & Wahilla Doonkeen (Sistas)

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 5 February 2010

Origin of the Seminoles

The 1715 war between the Colony of South Carolina and the Yamassee and their allies resulted in the exile of this decimated peoples to Florida and the opening of the Yamacraw Bluffs to James Oglethorpe for the founding of the 13th colony, Georgia. Meanwhile the defeated Yamassee and their Catawba allies made their way to Florida, where, under the leadership iof Vacapuchassee (cow keeper) the core of the Seminole tribe was formed. The Seminole carried on the distrust for the Colonists well after the Revolution, fighting four more wars with the Americans from 1816-1854. 

  • Yamassee lands, South Carolina
  • Sept 1, 2010

Sounafe Tustenuggee, Abraham

In 1897, Montgomery Folsom wrote in the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph a story about how the Seminole  leader, Abraham came to Florida. The story is intriguing, but also hard to believe- so many historic elements have been rolled into one event- but there may be a modicum of truth behind it. He states that Abraham was blackbirded (induced to run away) from a plantation in Alabama by John Murrell's men, whom he attributes to the guise of The Pony Club and taken to Florida for resale. Abraham slew his captors and ran to Florida to hide with the Seminole. He later returned to his Alabama plantation and aided in the escape of his sister and others. When Osceoloa met his sister he fell madly in love with her and married her. 

Abraham became a thorn in the side of the Americans, raiding settlers from his hidden lair at Abrahamtown in the swamps of Florida. Abraham in 1836 led an attack on Major Dade's 100 men at the Ouithlacoochee River, killing them all. This resulted in the most costly US war to date called both "The Creek War" and the "Second Seminole War". Abraham was defeated and sent west to Oklahoma.

  • Alligator (Lake City), Fla.
  • Sept 1, 2010


Accoding to records, Abraham was a translator.

  • OKC
  • 11 November 2011

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