Seminole Indians

Seminole Indians


The Seminole Indians lived mainly in Florida. Unlike other tribes that were organized along ancestral lines, the Seminole people were made up of various native tribes who were fleeing British colonial, and later American, oppression. The Seminole Indians were considered by the U.S. government as one of the Five Civilized Tribes, but the Seminole people fought hard against assimilation and removal. The Indians kept the American Army busy during the 19th century as they fought in the three Seminole Wars. By the end of the last Seminole War, thousands of Indians had been removed to Oklahoma and only a few remained in Florida, fighting for their freedom. These remaining Seminoles never surrendered and are the only Indian tribe to not negotiate a formal peace with the U.S. Today, Seminoles live in Oklahoma and Florida, but there are still many independent Seminoles who are not organized onto a reservation or tribal lands, showing that the unconquerable Seminole spirit continues to live on.

Stories about Seminole Indians

Wind Clan of the Mekasukey Band of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Wind Clan of the Mekasukey Band of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

We are on our way to our Mikasukey Band meeting (special call) this evening.

Our Mikasukey Band Representatives on the General Council are Mrs. Eula (nee Narcomey) Doonkeen of the Wind Clan, Rhonda Fixico - Wind Clan.

Our Mikasukey Band Chief is Wahilla Doonkeen (daughter of Ms. Doonkeen),

Second Band Chief is Mrs. Eula Doonkeen and

Band secretary is Alfreda Doonkeen (Daughter of Ms. Doonkeen).

Currently, all council representatives for the Mekasukey Band in the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma are of the Wind Clan.

Alfreda & Wahilla Doonkeen (Sistas)

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