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American Civil War-Union and Confederate-Slavery to Reconstruction

American Civil War-Union and Confederate-Slavery to Reconstruction

EVENT now has the largest Civil War collection on the internet. Take a look at the war through the eyes of those living at the time and your experience will be enriched. With Footnote history really does come alive! The American Civil War began on April 12,1861. President Abraham Lincoln witnessed the Union victory and the Confederate defeat. Before his death Mr. Lincoln knew that America would not be divided and through the Emancipation Proclamation the end of slavery finally became a reality. Shot by an assassins bullet Lincoln would die before the reconstruction of the Confederate States began. This was the worst war in America's short history. Father against son, brother against brother, the battles raged on but the country would not be broken!

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Abraham Lincoln Is Elected and the Union Dissolves

  • Washington, DC
Confederate Citizens File. Receipts for goods rendered the Confederate Forces!

Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th American President on the 6TH OF NOVEMBER 1860. On February 9th, 1861 Jefferson Davis formed the Confederate States of America. For four long years the Civil War would go on and America would stay divided. FOOTNOTE,COM has compiled the LARGEST ARCHIVE OF CIVIL WAR DOCUMENTS ON THE INTERNET! We have over 51 million original source Civil War records that have been digitized and indexed for your research. To be able to study any period of history through primary source documents is the best way to experience what really happened. Not only has Footnote digitized Union documents but they also have a very large collection of Confederate documents as well. The documents cover slavery to reconstruction and they are in beautiful condition. If you are a student or teacher of the Civil War you will be amazed at the price of a FOOTNOTE SUBSCRIPTION for the content you will have access to!

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