06 Oct 1912 1
Elberfeld, Warrick County, Indiana 1
05 Nov 1931 1
Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Elmer Carl Kuhlenschmidt 1
Also known as:
Elmer 1
06 Oct 1912 1
Elberfeld, Warrick County, Indiana 1
Male 1
05 Nov 1931 1
Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana 1
Cause: possible rheumatic fever effects on his heart. 1
Burial Date: 05 Nov 1931 1
Burial Place: Zoar E & R Cemetery, Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana 1
Mother: Minnie Louise Wiggers Kuhlenschmidt 1
Father: Frederick William Kuhlenschmidt 1
student, farmhand 1
Evangelical & Reformed Church 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1
Institution: Millersburg High School 1
Place: Millersburg, Warrick County, Indiana 1

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Birth, Snow, and eventually a Christening.

Elberfeld, Warrick County, Indiana

One of his younger brothers, Raymond, said that there was something happening at the time of everyone of his parent's childrens birth.  Elmer's birthdate was found in Raymond's pocket Farmer's Pocket Ledger, although another source lists the day as October 13.) Elmer was born on October 6 in the fall.   It was time of year that farmers use to get the harvest in and to prepare for winter.  Part of the preparation for the young couple that year was in preparing both for the birth of their first child, but also preparations for putting on a new barn roof.  They had plenty of help as there were many carpenters and farmer cousins, uncles and siblings to help.  The day of October 5 evidently looked like any other day and the relatives quickly stripped the roof from the barn, but they didn't quite have time to finish re-covering the barn when darkness fell.  Since it was fall and the sky was clear, the relatives left with a clear conscience, knowing they could finish the work the next day. But after dark and sometime in the early hours of the morning when Elmer was being born, a great snow storm began to fall. We do not know further details on how the day was spent, but I imagine Minnie and Fred had a lot of visitors - to help finish the barn and to see the new babe.

He was christened at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wiggers and they served as his sponsor, which is why his middle name was Carl.  Carl Wiggers was Elmer's mother's brother.  He was baptized by REv. E. H. Eilers of Maple Grove church as Zoar E & R was between pastors.

Death at an Early Age.

Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana

We don't know exactly why Elmer died at age 19 years, 1 month, and 2 days.  A cousin of his, Florence Oberbeck Winternheimer, at age 90, says that he was always sickly and had had rheumatic fevers as a small child and that had affected his heart. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. D. Bretz with burial in the Zoar E & R (now UCC) Cemetery, Campbell Township, Indiana.

His brother, Raymond Kuhlenschmidt, only remembers that his aunt came to pick him up at school and remembers her telling him that his oldest brother, Elmer, had died.  Some say that he was working in a field when he dropped dead.

In a sermon of Raymond Kuhlenschmidt dated April 10, 1955: I remember when my oldest brother, Elmer, passed away.  My parents were stricken with sorrow.  In after years, I heard my Mother say that for the first two days she thought she could not bear the burden of sorrow.  That was a dark hour for her.  But then, the third day came and she said that "She felt God say unto her, Everything is all right with your beloved, sorrow no more."

Decoration Day

Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana.

From the sermons of RCK: May 15, 1955 When I was a child of years of age one of my brothers died. His death was in November and doubtlessly I went to his grave side on a number of occassions with my parents between then and Decoration Day. Some visits appear dimly in my memory. However, I rather vividly recall the occassion of that Decoration Day. My parents never spent a large sum for a fine wreath, but as I recall it we as a family gathered flowers from different parts of the yard and garden. Then my Mother with loving hands arranged them and we went to the cemetery. There were other people there to decorate the graves of dear ones in the quiet and lovely church graveyard. some of whoom were only faint acquaintances of my family. However, they had a common feeling of loss of loved ones and conversed quite freely. To my six year old mind there was a beauty which puts the world outside to shame. "There were no prejudices in within the bounds of the cemetery."

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