US Historic Newspaper Archives

US Historic Newspaper Archives


National Archives and Footnote Launch Project to Digitize Historic Documents

  • Lindon, Utah

In January of 2007 iArchives in partnership with the National Archives announced the launching of a new site, This internet site would be a repository for indexed historical documents that would otherwise be unavailable online. FOOTNOTE REGISTRATION will give the subscriber full access to all historical documents along with the interactive side of the site. This side allows for user contributed content and for interactive connections to site content!

At this time the publication of old US newspaper archives was in the future. That time has arrived and is now looking to become the largest repository of online US NEWSPAPERS. Right now and in the future you will be able to trace US history by researching old newspapers right here on Digitizes Late 18th Century Newspaper, The Times (London)

  • Lindon, Utah
The London Times July 4th 1798. What are they doing in America right now? This may be old news, but it is historic! released the original images from THE TIMES (London from 1785 – 1820). These documents include details about prominent figures of that time such as King George and Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Each page in this collection is full of intriguing details about European life during late 18th and early 19th centuries,” says Russell Wilding, CEO of Footnote,“We are excited to see what people will discover and share from this fascinating collection of old news.”

In addition to details regarding prominent people, the newspapers provide interesting insight into everyday life in England at that time, including reports on crimes and trials, advertisements from local businesses, weather reports and announcements about local interests like the release of the newly published “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen. This is a great opportunity to see what the news was in England during those years and you can now do that online! Adds Millions Of Historical Newspapers To Its Collection

  • Lindon, Ut
1980 news, Mt. St.Helens erupts. The Dispatch News WA. Historic news from Small Town Newspaper Archives! announced a new partnership with SmallTownPapers, Inc. that has added millions of pages of historical newspapers to the site. With over 28 million images of original documents already on, the historical newspapers will prove to be a valuable addition, providing a unique view of our nation’s history.

After using, SmallTownPapers President Paul Jeffko quickly realized the two companies had a natural synergy. "Our unique and exclusive small-town newspaper content is a boon for any researcher, and with providing high quality viewing, printing, and downloading, visitors are going to discover a new dimension and relevance to online history and genealogy research."

Unlike many of the major newspapers, small town newspapers give a glimpse into what day-to-day life was like for many Americans during that time. Visitors can browse articles of local news content, historic photos, and birth, marriage, and obituary announcements.

The image viewer on enables visitors to see images of the newspapers exactly as they were printed, dating back to the mid-19th century. “These newspapers can be found in other places, but what makes so different is the social networking component we offer,” explains Russ Wilding, CEO of “Social networking isn’t just for young people on MySpace or Facebook anymore. People of all ages with different interests, including history, are now interacting with each other on the internet. has created an engaging and fun experience with content like historical newspapers, that enables people to discuss their discoveries with others.”

See for yourself what old news can bring you. Go through these historic archives and learn about American history through the eyes of small towns. You can now go online and find how old news relates to the news of today!

Gannett Digital Media Network Partners with Launch Websites With US Historical Newspaper Support

  • McClean, VIrginia

Gannett Digital Media Network, a division of Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) that ties together more than 100 digital communities with a combined reach of approximately 25 million people, today announced a partnership with, the premier history website for original content, to launch, a website that combines social networking with archival photos and original newspaper coverage of historical events. The first sites under the HistoryBeat domain, and, honor the 40th anniversary of two significant American events: the Apollo Moon Landing and the Woodstock Music Festival.

The sites enable users to view a vast amount of first-hand local journalism from Gannett newspapers that originally covered the Apollo Moon Landing and the Woodstock Music Festival. The newly-available information includes hundreds of photos and materials that were previously unpublished or unseen for nearly 40 years. The HISTORY BEAT sites create social communities where users can interact and share content related to these historical events. Users can register and create personal profiles in order to add annotations and comments, and even upload their own photos and documents. Comments and chat features are available for registered users to share their stories and experiences of these events as well as through Facebook, Twitter and other social bookmarks. provides the platform to support these extensive archives to the general public, while Gannett provides the historical context and content.

Will Footnote Become the Largest Archive of Old Newspapers Online?

  • Lindon, Utah
March 1st 1917 The Chicago Tribune is all about a secret plot between Germany and Mexico. Was this the catalyst that powered the US into WW2? The Germans historic mistake. Look at the connections!

One of the things that is currently accomplishing is to take the historic new archives, digitize and index them for posterity. This is a great way to preserve our history. Newspapers are a daily journal of the world and the local areas they represent. Footnote has partnered with Gannett in doing just that. Not only are Footnote and Gannett partnered in this project, but Gannett is also looking toward the future, with Footnote, by creating sites for remembering the old news through historic newspaper headlines.

Some of the historic newspapers that Footnote is now featuring include the POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL and FLORIDA TODAY. Through Allen County Archives is also partnered in periodic publications of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, The WASHINGTON POST, The ATLANTA CONSTITUTION and CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Connecting the past to the present is another avenue that the digital age has brought to modern day newspaper subscription and distribution. Footnote will continue to take old news, digitize it, put it online and give Footnote users an experience with historic events that will not be found anywhere else. Soon they will have the largest archive of American newspapers anywhere!