US Historic Newspaper Archives

US Historic Newspaper Archives

TOPIC is becoming a depository of US Historical Newspapers. They are digitizing Newspapers from some of the largest city archives in the United States. Historic newspapers that have only been available through local libraries and the newspaper offices themselves will now be available as digitized and indexed copies on the Footnote Site. "Footnote, where history comes alive", can now offer their subscribers the headlines that have made America great. Teamed up with the largest US newspaper depository Ganett, Footnote will become a leader in this field of research. Hold on to your hat and see what is coming, along with what is already here!

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National Archives and Footnote Launch Project to Digitize Historic Documents

  • Lindon, Utah

In January of 2007 iArchives in partnership with the National Archives announced the launching of a new site, This internet site would be a repository for indexed historical documents that would otherwise be unavailable online. FOOTNOTE REGISTRATION will give the subscriber full access to all historical documents along with the interactive side of the site. This side allows for user contributed content and for interactive connections to site content!

At this time the publication of old US newspaper archives was in the future. That time has arrived and is now looking to become the largest repository of online US NEWSPAPERS. Right now and in the future you will be able to trace US history by researching old newspapers right here on

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