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John F Campbell 1
Age in 1930: 12 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1918 1
Place: MERCER County, New Jersey 1
From: 1930 1
Enumeration District: EAST WINDSOR TWP 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


Lt John F Campbell, KIA, 31 Mar.'43, 1st 448th Squadron Loss.


KILLED IN ACTION On 31 March 1943~448th Bombardment Squadron War Diary:
On March 31, 1943,  on a low element sea sweep over the Mediterranean Sea, Off of Northeastern Tunisia, the first battle casualties of the squadron occurred.  2 Crews, (13 Men), and 2 Planes were Lost, 1st Lt. Hess, McKinney; 2nd Lts:  Campbell, Welton; S/Sgts:  Cookman, Hines, Kirol, McGinnis, McMurray, Ratajczyk, Rodgers, Headings and Lottes were shot down into the Mediterranean Sea by enemy fighters.  The mission however did succeed in sinking two enemy ships.

At 12:45 15 planes off to bomb on sea sweep, over the Mediterranean Sea.  14 (planes) dropped 84 x 500 bombs.  12 planes back at 17:05.  One landed at Bone.  Met convoy, lower element (48) claims M/V (Military Vessel) broken in two, one M/V (Military  Vessel) left sinking, one left burning.  4 E/A (Enemy Aircraft) destroyed.  About 50 E/A (Enemy Aircraft) attacked 2 B-25’s (Lts:  Hess and McKinney) shot down.  Intense, heavy accurate flak, balloon barrage.  Bombing was at 100-200 feet.  Weather: Clear.

Own Aircraft Losses:  Two.  B-25C 41-13209 and B-25C 41-13205.  One by flak and 1455 hours - 37°35’N, 10°47’E; the other by fighters at 1512 hours - 37°48’N, 10°27E

A/C No.   41-13205 (MACR-14578 - “Lost at Sea
Aircraft was lost to enemy aircraft and anti-aircraft”)
P->McKinney, Charles A., 1Lt - KIA
CP->Campbell, John F., 2Lt - KIA
B->Kirol, Edward A., S/Sgt - KIA
E->Ratajczyk, Thomas S., S/Sgt - KIA
R->Headings, Boyd V., S/Sgt - KIA
G->McGinnis, Lofton F., S/Sgt - KIA
F->Lottes, Richard O., S/Sgt (ASV) - KIA

Lt John Farr Campbell, KIA 31 March, 1943 Sea-Sweeo out of N. Africa

Lt John Campbell was KIA during a Sea-Sweep Mission after the German Troop and Supply Carriers in the Mediterranean Sea.

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