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Rosters - WILLIAM ELDER - Rev. War Soldiers of Franklin Co PA

PA ARCHIVES pages referenced in the book: "American Revolutionary War Soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania"


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Franklin County, PA


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WILLIAM ELDER - PA ARCHIVES - 5th series, vol. 6

Franklin County, PA

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William Elder
Served as Ensign, with Capt. Thos. Askey, from 1777 to 1782, Command of Col. Jas, Dunlap. In the Will of Thos. Barr of Lurgan Twp., 1797, he names three daus.: Sarah Elder; Elizabeth Walker and Mary Patterson; Sarah Elder, wife to Wm. Elder, Esq., decd., declines to admr., on the estate of her husband March 14, 1797; Witnesses were Sam Thompson; T. Barr, and letters of Admr. were granted to David Elder, March 16, 1797. Sureties: Samuel Patton and James Jack.
Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 27, 43, 60, 62, 131, 387, 408, 422, 441.

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