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Rosters - SAMUEL ELDER - Rev. War Soldiers of Franklin Co PA

PA ARCHIVES pages referenced in the book: "American Revolutionary War Soldiers of Franklin County, Pennyslvania"


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Franklin County, PA


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SAMUEL ELDER - PA ARCHIVES - 5th series, vol. 6

Franklin County, PA

Page 36
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Samuel Elder
"Shown in service with Capt. Noah Abraham, 1777-78-79-81-82, in the first Call, July 31, 1777. Samuel Elder and Robert McQuire appear repeatedly side by side, true "buddies," in modern terms, the only exception, was the first Call, where they were listed alphabetically.
Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol 6, p. 36, 42, 407, 121, 128, 141, 384, 515, 658."

This SAMUEL ELDER may be the one buried in Peters Twp:
SAMUEL ELDER, d. 1844, Peters Twp, Franklin Co PA
SAMUEL's WILL of 1844 received on April 16, 2005, from
Franklin Co PA Courthouse, Chambersburg.
Children listed in WILL: James, Eliza, Maria, Oliver, Alexander, Elias, Margaret

"There are a number of Elder marriages in the Rev. Dr. John
King's record, among them Samuel Elder to Martha Pyatt, Oct. 5, 1773. "

MORE RESEARCH posted on Nancy's webpages at:
DAR MEMBER - Mrs. Martha Couffer Robinson
(Used Wrong DAR Ancestor: Has: Samuel Elder, d. 1847, son of Robert Elder, d. 1807, Rev. War Soldier)
DAR Member #296000

Robert's son SAMUEL is too young for Rev. War service:

Samuel, b. after 1772 [son of Robert and Mary LOWRY THORN]
m. Jane TRUESDALE, 1797 (her mother: m/2 Isaac STARK)
d. Fannett Twp. Will probated 3-18-1847
Children: Robert, Elizabeth, Joseph (b.1804),James,William,Abraham,Samuel,Sarah,John (b.1816?)
Joseph's children: William Oliver Elder, David, Mary Ann (m. Denton Oliver Shearer)
Joseph (1804-1886) and wife Mary buried in Upper PV Presb. Church Cem

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