ELDER families in Franklin Co PA

ELDER families in Franklin Co PA


ELDER families in Franklin Co PA

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Robert ELDER b. 1730 Perth, Scotland - d. 1807 Franklin Co PA

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Robert Sr.'s Will of 1807

Library of Congress book citation (Also in Hist. Soc. of PA):
Author: Fendrick, Virginia Shannon.
Title: American Revolutionary soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Published: [Chambersburg, Pa.] Historical Works Committee of
the Franklin County Chapter [c1944].
LC Call No.: F157.F8F4
Subjects: Franklin Co., Pa. -- Biography.
United States -- History -- Revolution --Registers, lists, etc.
Other authors: Daughters of the American Revolution.
Pennsylvania. Franklin County Chapter, Chambersburg.

Page 86-87:
Abraham Elder
Served 1777-79-81-82, under Capts. Noah Abraham and Thomas Askey. He is probably the Abraham Elder who mar. Susanna Ardery of Fannett Twp.; her sister Elizabeth mar. George Armstrong. Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 140, 383, 408, 423, 429, 441, 515.

David Elder
Two men named David Elder were serving from Fannett Twp.; David of the Mountain and David of the Creek during 1777-78-79-80-81, in service with Capts. Noah Abraham and Thos. Askey. David is said to have been in one of the expeditions against the Indians in the Western territory. He mar., Jane, dau of Andrew Boggs, an early settler in Bald Eagle Valley, leaving 5 sons and three daughters. Robert, eldest son, was the only one who located in Indiana Co., Penna. From the History of the Presbyterian Church of Path Valley, Franklin Co., Penna: "A Deed from John Penn for 4 acres of land joining David Campbell, and James Montgomery, including part of the Spring Run, in Fannett Twp., for a meeting house of religious worship and for a burial yard. Patent to John Blair, Randall Alexander, David Elder and James Montgomery and their heirs in trust for use as above," June 21, 1765. Survey June 9, 1768.
Penn. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 34, 384, 394, 409, 515.

John Elder
Mount, appears in a "Class Roole" of Capt. Thos. Askey's Company, also with Capt. Noah Abraham, during 1778-80-81-82, command of Col. Jas. Dunlap.
Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 41, 423, 441, 408, 620.

Robert Elder
Came to America from Ireland about 1750, located in Path Valley, Franklin Co, Penna, with his wife Elizabeth Watt. He had two sons David and Abraham, and his wife dying, he mar. a second time; they had sons: John; Matthew;Robert; Samuel; and Joseph. Joseph died in the Ligonier Valley in 1858. David and Abraham removed to Half-Moon Twp., Centre Co., Penna. Abraham dying there about 1825. David removed to Spruce Creek, Huntingdon County in 1796, dying in 1823. In the will of Robert Elder of Fannett Twp., yeoman, dated Oct., 1799, prob. Apr., 1807, he gives to sons Joseph and Samuel "the plantation I now live on"; dear wife Mary to be maintained by son Samuel and when she has grown to a frail state, said Samuel is to provide a girl, at his own expense, to attend her with sufficient firing &c.; son David all my wearing apparel and 40 pounds in cash; son Abraham of Huntingdon County 40 pounds; son John 30 pounds; son Robert 5 pounds; son Matthew 13 pounds, 5 shillings; Exrs: sons Joseph and Samuel.
Caldwell's Hist. of Indiana Co., Penna. p. 460.

Reference: Caldwell's History of Indiana County, PA, Page 460:
Robert (1730-1807)> David b. 1752> Robert b. 1790> John R.
His great-grandfather, Robert Elder, emigrated to America from Ireland, about the
year 1750. He located in Path valley, Franklin county, Pennsylvania, where he died about the year 1810 [1807].
According to the family traditions he was a man of small stature, but great energy. He was a farmer, and also dealt in horses, buying them in the north, training them and selling them in the south. It is perhaps from this circumstance, that so many of his descendants have a great penchant for horse flesh. Robert Elder brought a wife with him from Ireland. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Watt. By her he had two sons, David and Abraham. After his first wife's death, Robert Elder married again and became the father of five sons, to-wit: John, Matthew, Robert, Samuel and Joseph. Of the sons of the second wife but little is
known. The youngest one, Joseph, died in 1858, in Ligonier valley, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, and some of his descendants are still there. The son of the first wife, David and Abraham, removed to Half-moon, Centre county, Pennsylvania, shortly after the close of the revolution. Abraham died there about 1825. He was an extensive farmer, and kept a public house. His son Robert inherited his estate, and became well known as a farmer and drover. His (Robert's) only surviving son is George W. Elder, an eminent lawyer of Lewistown, Pennsylvania. David Elder removed to Spruce creek, Huntingdon county,
Pennsylvania, in 1796. He purchased a farm near the village of Graysville, where he died in 1823. He served a short time in the army during the revolution, and was also in one of the expeditions against the Indians, in the western territory. His wife was Jane Boggs, daughter of Andrew Boggs, who was one of the first settlers of Bald Eagle valley, Centre county, Pennsylvania, having settled there as early as 1767.
David Elder had five sons and three daughters, nearly all of whom are now dead. Robert, the oldest son, was the only one of them that ever located in Indiana county, Pennsylvania."

Robert Elder
Of Fannett Twp., died Aug., 1804; wife Susanna; children to be supported; oldest son Robert; second son William; Exrs: John Elder, John and James Alexander. Wit: Joseph and Matt. Elder and John Campbell.
Chambersburg, Penna., Will Book B., p. 207.

Samuel Elder
Shown in service with Capt. Noah Abraham, 1777-78-79-81-82, in the first Call, July 31, 1777. Samuel Elder and Robert McQuire appear repeatedly side by side, true "buddies," in modern terms, the only exception, was the first Call, where they were listed alphabetically.
Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol 6, p. 36, 42, 407, 121, 128, 141, 384, 515, 658.

William Elder
Served as Ensign, with Capt. Thos. Askey, from 1777 to 1782, Command of Col. Jas, Dunlap. In the Will of Thos. Barr of Lurgan Twp., 1797, he names three daus.: Sarah Elder; Elizabeth Walker and Mary Patterson; Sarah Elder, wife to Wm. Elder, Esq., decd., declines to admr., on the estate of her husband March 14, 1797; Witnesses were Sam Thompson; T. Barr, and letters of Admr. were granted to David Elder, March 16, 1797. Sureties: Samuel Patton and James Jack.
Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 27, 43, 60, 62, 131, 387, 408, 422, 441.

May 18, 1778, June, 1778 and Feb., 1779, A Petition from the Inhabitants of Path Valley, to the Executive Council of Penna., To contribute to our assistance by sending us some quantity of Rifled guns and amunition because M'skets is of very little use in the woods against Indians. This our petition, we commit to our very trusty friends, Capt. Noah Abraham and James Elder, in whom we very mutch Confide.--
Signers: Wm. Elder, Ens'n; David Elder; David Elder, Jr.; John Elder.
The 2nd petition, of a similar nature, was signed by John Elder; David Elder; David Elder, Jr.; Robert Elder. The 3rd Petition in 1779 had about 140 signers and was signed by John Elder; John Elder, Jr.; David Elder; Wm. Elder; Robert Elder; Abraham Elder; Tho. Elder; David Elder, Sr.
The 2nd Petition is ended as follows: This is to sertify that ye Inhabetens of Fannett Twp., has Intrusted this Pittishen to ye bearer, David Elder, James Ardery, Robert Elder, Richard Coulter, Lt.
Penna. Arch. 2nd Ser. vol. 3, p. 166, 167. Penna. Arch. 2nd Ser. Vol. 3, p. 185, 186. Penna Arch. 2nd Ser. Vol. 3, p. 319, 320.

Township: Fannet, Hamilton, Letterkenney, Montgomery, and Peters
County: Franklin - State: Pennsylvania

1800 Census, Fannett Twp, Franklin Co PA (M32 Roll 38 p. 940):
Robert Sr. (d. 1807)
Males 1-0-1-0-1
Females 1-0-1-1-1
Males - 1 - under 10
1 - 16 under 26
1 - 45
Females- 1 - under 10
1 - 16 under 26
1 - 26 under 45
1 - 45

Robert Jr. (d. 1804)
Males 2-1-0-1-0
Females 0-0-1-0-0
Males 2 - under 10
1 - 10 under 16
1 - 26 under 45
Females 1 - 26 under 45

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"History of the Juniata Valley"
page 1311
...."Robert Elder, of Path Valley, Franklin county, Pennsylvania, progenitor
of the Elder family of Lewistown, was born near Perth, on the Tay, Scotland,
migrating about 1737 to the vicinity of Lough Inch or Lough Swilly, county Donegal, Ireland, from that point emigrating to the county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his brother David, about 1745 to 1754, and finally settled in the path Valley of Franklin county, Pennsylvania, about 1750, where a great many of their descendants now live. "

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