Genealogy/Family History Project Ideas

Genealogy/Family History Project Ideas


I sadly do not have any journals, personal histories or anything about any of my ancestors. I would give anything if I did. I would love to know something about them, their lives, the kind of person they were, what they liked and didn't like....anything at all. It would be a cherished possession. Many of us perhaps are in this position...yearning to have something that would connect us to our ancestors in a more emotional sense or tie. LEARNING FROM THIS GRIEF, I have vowed that MY descendents will not have cause to feel this way about me. I have pondered and pondered about how and what I can do to make sure that I am not forgotten or unknown to my family in the decades to come. I would like to share with you a LIST OF IDEAS for some fun projects that could be done and LEFT FOR OUR FAMILIES. I can't do anything about not having histories of my ancestors...But I CAN do something today about making sure my posterity knows something about ME. We can all leave a legacy..."a gift of ourself" our family!

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