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Barry, Brenda and my 1970 Charger RT SE

  • Hadley / Hatfield

I remember back in school, Barry was one of my best friends. I owned a 1970 Charger RT SE 440 Magnum Auto. All the frills, the car was loaded! Barry loved that car, always wanted to buy it from me! In the recession in 1974, I was getting married, times were pretty bad with gas lines odd / even plates and I knew I had to sell the car. Barry bought it, don't even remember how much he paid, but I bought a Toyota Carolla. What a change, but it was all worth it just seeing my best friend driving the Charger. Made him so happy. What made him happier was my wife at the time had a best friend Brenda. I remember we fixed Brenda and Barry up and before we knew it, Brenda and Barry were in love and then married. I will look for a picture of Barry and Brenda and maybe even the car.

Those were the day's! What a great time in my youth to have friends like Barry and Brenda! Kinda lost touch through the way life works out but the memories are there forever! God Bless ya Barry and Brenda! Miss you both! (Mike Paciorek)

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