Pvt Cyrus S. Bondurant

Pvt Cyrus S. Bondurant


"G" Co. MN 1st Infantry

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    Cyrus S. Bondurant

    Residence was not listed; a 21 year-old Farmer.

    Enlisted on 4/29/1861 at Red Wing, Goodhue Co., MN as a Private.

    On 4/29/1861 he mustered into "G" Co. MN 1st Infantry

    He was Mustered Out on 5/5/1864 at Fort Snelling, MN

    On 2/4/1865 he mustered as a substitute into "K" Co. MN 2nd Infantry

    He was Mustered Out on 7/11/1865 at Louisville, KY

    He was listed as: Wounded 7/2/1863 Gettysburg, PA

    Intra Regimental Company Transfers: 9/10/1861 from company G to company F (As of 1st MN Infantry)

    Cyrus S Bondurant, the son of John and Violet Bondurant, was born in Jackson, Ohio on August 29, 1839. Cyrus enlisted on April 27, 1861, at a recruiting rally held in Red Wing. The 21 year old was formally mustered in as a private at Fort Snelling two days later. At 6' 5" tall, Cyrus was one of the tallest, if not the tallest, man in the regiment. He had a ruddy complexion, black eyes and light brown hair. He was placed in Company F, but on Sept 1, 1861, he was transferred to Company G. He served in all the actions of the regiment up until July of 1863. These included Bull Run, Ball's Bluff, The Pennisular Campaign, 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. At the battle of Gettysburg, he was severely wounded twice. One wound was a gun shot to his right thigh, the other to his hip. This was during their charge into the Confederate ranks on July 2nd. Cyrus was sent to the General Hospital to recover. He was discharged with the regiment at Ft Snelling on May 5, 1864. Cyrus eventually recovered enough to return to service. He enlisted, on Feb 4, 1865, into Company K of the Second Minnesota Infantry. The regiment was probably trying to fill up its depleted ranks. Cyrus was paid as a "substitute". He was paid to replace another man, who had been drafted but didn't want to go into the service. Back then you could hire people to take your place. Cyrus served until the end of the war. He was mustered out in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 11, 1865. After the war Cyrus returned to the life of a farmer. He lived in Minnesota from 1865 to 1888. He married Ruth Ann Glidden in Minneapolis, on July 17, 1870. He called her Annie. Annie died on Nov 17, 1877. His second wife was Lizzie Harington. Cyrus was bothered throughout his life by the bullet wound he received at Gettysburg. It got worse as he aged, to the point where he had difficulty bending down and found it virtually impossible to pick anything up. In 1909, the St Paul Pioneer Press listed many of the surviving veterans of the First Minnesota along with their home addresses. It listed Cyrus as living in Chewelah, Washington. He died on April 16, 1910.

    BURIED: Greenwood Memorial Terrace
    Spokane County

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