Maj. Abraham G. Wileman

Maj. Abraham G. Wileman


Murdered by Confederate guerillas

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Company D, 18th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

    Maj. Abraham G. Wileman,

    Company D, 18th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Union Army, during the Civil War.

    Wileman was born in Ohio. He moved to Pendleton County, Kentucky where he married Parthena Race. In 1861 he joined the 18th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry and was elected Captain of Company D.
    He was also a doctor and a minister in Pendleton County, Kentucky.
    He was wounded in the arm at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia on Sept. 19-20, 1863. While at home recovering from his wounds and recruiting troops, he was taken from his home at Knoxville, Pendleton County, Kentucky at gun point by Confederate guerillas and murdered about a half mile from his house. This was on the night of October 5, 1863. His body was buried in his home county of Ohio.
    After the war, the Grand Army of the Republic Post in Falmouth, Kentucky was named after Maj. Wileman.

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