The memorial of the undersigned Nancy McLain daughter of John McLain who was a soldier of the Revolutionary War respectfully shows that her father the aforesaid John McLain entered the service in South Carolina in Lieut. James Martin's Company in 1779 in which he served fifty seven days  also seventy two days duty in  Capt. James Martin's Company in Col. William Bratton's Regt in 1780 as horseman (the first fifty seven days being in Ross Regt)  Also one hundred days as prisoner taken at Briar Creek Defeat from 3rd March to 11th June 1779 in all two hundred & twenty days as will be seen by reference to the Comptrollers Genls Office of South Carolina    that the said John McLain departed this life in York District South Carolina on the thirty first day of
    July one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine in proof which she refers to the affadavits of Dr. John Hall and Clark Robeeson herewith sent and also in proof the service of John McLain refers to the Certificate from the Comptroller Genl Office and also the affadavits of James Jamieson & Robert Wilson that there remains alive the following children of said John McLain  viz your petitioner & Obadiah McLain, Arthur McLain, Martha Creekman & Louicy Stewart,  they therefore
    claim the benefits of the Acts of Congress in such cases made and provided and request that a pension scerticate may be issued to them to be paid at Charleston in the State of South Carolina
    Sworn to and subscribed before me November 25th 1846
    JMRoss, OYD             /s/   Nancy H. MClain

    Pension Office
                                Dec. 15, 1846


    The papers forwarded by you in the case of your deceased father, John
    McClain, have been examined, and I regret to say that there is no law allowing a pension to the children of a parent who died prior to 7th June, 1832.
    Miss Nancy H. McClain

    South Carolina    }
    York District     }
    Personally appeared Robert Wilson before me and made oath that he
    was well acquainted with John McClain and served with him in the Revolutionary War in the years 1780 and 1781 & that he served under Co. Hill & Genl Sumter and the Army was stationed in No Ca and march into So Ca to Rock Mount.
    Sworn to and subscribed  September 8th 1846            /s/  Robert Wilson
    Before me
    Samuel G. Brown, Magst.

    South Carolina     }
    York District      }
    Personally came Joseph Jameisoon before me and made oath that
    he was acquainted with Joh mcClain and served with him in the year 1780 that they lay quartered for osme time at Ancrums (?) Old Field in Richland District that McClain served under General Sumter

    Sworn to and subscribed Sept 8th 1846                      his
    Before Me                     Joseph    x      Jameison
    Samuel G. Brown Magst.                 mark

    Comptroller Gen'ls Office
    Columbia, S. C.   Sept 16th, 1846

    Book V}
    Indent 603}Issued the 12 September 1785 to John McClain for Thirty-two
    pounds 13 S. 6 D. for duty in 1779 and 1780 per
    acct from the Commissioners
    Prinl L32:13:6D Int.  L2:5:8D

    Book V}
    Account 603} John McClain

    His account of 57 days duty as horseman in Lieut. James Martin's Company in 1779 also 72 days duty in Capt. James Martin's Company in Col. William Bratton's Regt. in 1780 as horseman (the first 57 days in Ross Regt. -- also 100 days as prisoner taken at Briar Creek
    Defeat from 3rd March to 11th June 1779 at 100 a day certified by Lieut. James Martin,  in all 229 days   Sterling L29:18:5D

    I certify the above to be a true copy of the Record in this Office
                                                    For Comptroller Genl
                                                 /s/   J Aug Black

    Papers in the National Archives in Washington submitted in support of a request for a pension by the survivors of John McLain, which was rejected because he had deceased and there was no pension available to survivors.  [R6616]

    McCLAIN, War of 1812

      Source: National Archives


      War of 1812. Widow: MARTHA McCLAIN. Wid. Orig. 23.803,22.005. Bounty Land Warrants: 48.996-80-50, 11.390-80-55. Service: Capt. Scott's Co., Va. Militia. Enl: Aug 30 1814; dis: Jany 30 1815. Residence: 1852/1855} Lewis County, Va. Residence of widow: Upshur Co. (P.O. Rock Cave), W.Va. Marriage of Soldier and widow: Decf 16-1817 Albemarl Co. Va. Death of Soldier: July 3 1869 Lewis Co Va. Death of Widow: about 1890.
      Revolutionary War Pension
      JAMES McCLAIN was issued a military pay warrant on June 10, 1784, for his service as a soldier
      in the infantry during the Revolutionary War.
      Amherst County, Virginia
      THOMAS McCLAIN, 7th of February, 1776, member of Capt. Samuel Jordan Cabell's company, 6th Virginia Reg. of Foot. May/June, 1777.
      THOMAS McCLAIN also listed on pay roll in July, 1777.
      HENRY McLAIN - Amherst County, Virginia
      Pension Application 7196, Certificate #12837
      filed 20th Oct 1832
      CHARLES McCLAIN late a private in Captain Love's Company of the 43rd Regt. U.S. Infantry is inscribed on the Pension List, Roll of the North Carolina, Fayetteville Agency, at the rate of Two 66 2/3 /100 dollars per month, to commence on the first day of November one thousand eight hundred and fourteen---(sic) Issued in lieu of one illegally with-held

      Private Pa. Line. Born (64 in 1818) (67 in 1820). Enlisted July 1776 Flying
      Camp from Md. Residence at date of application July 3, 1818 Centre township,
      Monroe Co., Ohio.
      Enlisted in Flying Camp commanded by Capt. GOOD in State of Md.; then marched to Philadelphia, there joined Washington's Army, marched toN.Y.; was in battles of L.I., White Plains and Fort Washington, then returned to Philadelphia
      and discharged.
      Enlisted January 1777 in Pa. Line 16th regiment, 1st regiment of Congress' Fort Guards, Capt. George Aclebarger, Col. Hartley. Ensign under Gen. Putnam in November, 1779, and was in battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Stony Point. At the last battle he was wounded by a ball in his arm, which has never since been strong. Served until close of war.
      LINE, 16TH REGIMENT 1818